Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Sharing: Strong Bones and One Messed Up Family

Strong Bones

Don't depend on your own wisdom, respect the Lord and refuse to do wrong.   Then your body will be healthy and your bones will be strong. --Proverbs 3:7-8 (ICB)
I came across the above verse when studying for my Sunday School lesson this week and I thought what an easy way to stay healthy.  But then, it's not so easy to not depend on my own wisdom.  I have the respecting the Lord and refusing to do wrong part down, I think.  I just need to seek God's wisdom more though instead of relying on my own.

I want to be healthy and have strong bones.  My follow up checkups with my Oncologist due to having had Cancer and being on the Femara drug to keep it from coming back have indicated my bones are getting weaker.  I need more Vitamin D.  Years ago before all this fancy technology, they never would have mentioned such a thing.  Now they tell me by taking more pills, my bones can be improved.  I've been drinking more milk and also taking three be-BALANCED bone strengthening Calcium, a dietary supplement every day. I call them bone chews--they're good!.  I have an appointment coming up Nov. 7 and she'll probably schedule me for another bone scan so I'm hoping there is some improvement.

One Messed Up Family

Back to the life of David and his family, in II Samuel 14:28-29, David's son Absalom has his half-brother Amnon killed at a family celebration for sleeping with Absolom's sister, Tamar.

But he told his servants, "Keep an eye on Amnon.  When he gets a little drunk from the wine and is feeling good, I'll give the signal.  Then kill him!  I've commanded you to do it, so don't be afraid.  Be strong and brave."  Absalom's servants killed Amnon, just as Absalom had told them.  The rest of the king's sons quickly rode away on their mules to escape from Absalom.  (Contemporary English version)

This show what holding in anger and bitterness can do.  I found it interesting that David's family was so messed up.  He was a much better king than a father apparently.  I also found it interesting that just like Absalom's father, he had a servant do his killing for him.  I always was under the impression that Absalom had actually killed Amnon himself.

Please share in the comments what interesting scripture highlights you came across this week.

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Thistle Cove Farm said...

Praying for stronger bones and good check-ups, always.

Steph, Dean and Tac said...

even while growing up i was never fond of milk. now i know that theres something out there that can help with bone strength. thanks :)

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