Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's A Mystery To Me

Some strange things have been happening around here that I can't explain and thought maybe you could shed some light on them for me.

First off, I had a callous on the bottom of my foot which I was able to scrape off but then I noticed a black circle about a quarter inch in diameter under the skin.  It didn't hurt at all and disappeared after a couple of weeks.  Hurray!

Second, last summer we had to take our lawn mower in for repair and put it in the back of our van.  When we brought it back home after being repaired, we couldn't get the back door of the van open and had to drag it through the van and out the side door.  All of a sudden, when driving along I heard something rattling that sounded like a door.  Sure enough, when I checked the back door, it wasn't closed all the way.  The latch in the handle is apparently malfunctioning but I was able to flip it open and then close it to get the tailgate open.  I was also able to close it all the way.  Now, how did that fix itself?

Third, my knee really whacked out on me last Saturday.  It was fine all morning, but when I got out of my van when visiting a friend, I got a real sharp pain in my knee.  It hurt when I walked and I rubbed it but it was still hurting.  When I got home, I took an Advil and after about half an hour or so, it finally was okay again.  This has happened before on occasion but not for such a long time.  I don't know what causes this, if it's just arthritis or something else.  I admit, I haven't been working out regularly and it's been quite some time since I've done strength training focusing on my legs.  I know when I did that regularly, I didn't have this problem as much.

So, those are my mysteries.  Any theories? Do you know what game that "It's a Mystery to Me" card is from?

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Lin said...

I think the latch on your door is sorta like your knee--things act up periodically....for no good reason. It just does. You just hope it doesn't happen often!

That's weird about the callous. Dr. Lin doesn't know a thing about that!
At least it went away!

Rebecca said...

My long experience with minivans is why I got a sedan this time! That tailgate thing has happened to the last 3 vans we've had. After a while, the tailgate latch wouldn't work and we were without a back hatch. If yours happens only periodically, maybe it's because the van is parked at an incline and the hatch isn't aligned properly?

I have read that the foods we eat really influence our health. You should check out The Seven Pillars of Health by Dr. Don Colbert! We are learning some amazing things.

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

is there a full moon?

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