Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Signed The Petition, How About You?

A friend showed me an article in the March 2012 AFA Journal issue about about how degrading and smutty the Cosmopolitan magazine is.   According to the article, former fashion model, Nicole Weider, said that the magazine has become
a full-on pornographic 'how to' guide for teens and vulnerable young girls.  Every issue dares girls and encourages them to try new sex moves (including anal sex), engage in threesomes, experiment with lesbianism, have public sex, watch porn.
When I saw this it really disgusted me and riled me up enough to actually to to to sign the petition Nicole started there to demand that Cosmopolitan only be sold in nontransparent bags--and only to adults.  I found another on that I even liked better that I signed to get the magazine removed from the checkout lanes in family friendly stores.  I can't even look at the cover of this magazine without getting sickened by it.

Here is the link to it if you would like to sign it too:  Tom Thumb-Remove Cosmopolitan Magazine From Check Out Lane For Families Petition.  (I sent some emails out that I thought had the direct link to where you sign the petition, but discovered it didn't so I apologize if you were a recipient of one of those.  The link here will take you directly to it.)

There are tons of petitions about a wide range of issues at  I really don't know how much difference it would make to sign a petition there regarding a cause, but I figure it can't hurt.  I was really surprised at how many petitions were there.

What do you think about this?  I hope you will at least consider signing it too! 

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Lin said...

I have a teenage girl and I don't think they even read magazines at that age. I agree--I don't like the smut, but look at Victoria's Secret catalogs--talk about porn! yikes. I had to call and ask them not to be delivered to my home anymore because I have a young son in the house.

If you ask me, I think most of the magazines at the checkout are inappropriate.

Sandee said...

Smut is everywhere anymore. If you know what some girls and boys are doing in school you'd faint. Awful.

Have a terrific day. :)

Rebecca Mecomber said...

My husband works for the post office. They handle this crap EVERY DAY all day long. Just imagine how bad things are for them there. They sure could use your prayers!

I have LONG suggested that the post office demand that hey cover up these magazines. For one it would bring increased revenue to the PO! Two, it would make the magazines easier to put in mailboxes instead of flopping all around. And most importantly, it would protect the minds of our men.

BeadedTail said...

I've never read that magazine but I agree that if that stuff is in it it shouldn't be in view of little kids at check outs but hopefully their parents are there watching them. The things that happen in schools though are pretty awful and since they all have access to the internet, porn is at their fingertips. It's quite a different world these days.

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

when I was young (back in the Stone Age) I used to read Cosmo in college. Back then it was considered daring and cutting edge...but I was in COLLEGE reading it, not High School.

I think parents need to take some responsibility as well and make sure that the magazine isn't being read by a child that is not of the appropriate age.

I agree with Lin about Victoria's Secret...heck...I have to hide that one from my husband!!!

I think TV is a far greater offender, it is much harder to get away from.
Sadly it is a different world than the world that you and I grew up in.

Mrs4444 said...

I agree--I signed the petition, too, for the same reasons. I think that keeping it in the mainstream aisle sends the message that the content is mainstream. Clearly, the messages sent by Cosmo are far from mainstream.

Michelle W said...

I completely agree! As the mother of 2 young boys I dread the checkout line smut! Thanks for the link.

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