Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Hunger Games Movie Did Not Disappoint

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We went to see "The Hunger Games" movie yesterday and enjoyed it very much.  It followed the book really closely and my favorite scenes in the book were all in the movie too.  It did cut out a bit of the beginning so the relationship between Katniss and Gale didn't seem as close as it was in the book.  Other than that, it moved along as I pictured it and was captivated throughout.  Gerard was on the edge of his seat and didn't get bored!

I couldn't imagine how the movie was going to capture the awesomeness of the fire costumes for District 12 but it did!  It really was fun to watch the book actually come to life.  I felt sorry for Peeta when he said he had no chance to win it. 

The actors and actresses were all excellent!  We absolutely LOVED watching this!  The biggest plus for the books I think over the movie is that in the movie, we don't really know Katniss's thoughts like we do in the book, but the movie is great!  If you want a peek, here is the link to the Official Hunger Games Movie Trailer.  We of course look forward to seeing the next movie of this series based on Catching Fire.

I don't know if it would be better to see the movie before reading the book or not.  I'd love to hear from someone's thoughts on the movie who hasn't read the book.  Please share your thoughts about the movie in the comments; we'd like to know what you thought about it

Our review of the book is at Grab a Book From Our Stack.

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Lin said...

All this fuss about this movie makes me want to read the books! (Isn't that a great thought??) I know my kids were very excited to see it too.

I wonder if people like it if they haven't read the books??

child anxiety treatment said...

I have not watched this movie yet. I'm pretty this movie will not disappoint me too.


Rebecca said...

I have no idea about this book or the movie.

Beth Ann Chiles said...

Okay so we saw The Hunger Games today and I had not read the book yet so I am one you want to hear from. Definitely going to read the books now!!! I loved the movie! I did not really do any "research" ahead of time but did know that some of the scenes were shot in our former town of Mooresville, NC and Charlotte and areas surrounding. Of course I got all wrapped up in the movie and did not try to pick out familiar places---maybe another look at it I can!!! But I loved it!!! It was much better than I thought it would be---yes--it was a bit gory but they did not dwell on the gore and exaggerate it like in some films. I am looking forward to reading the story now!!!

Mrs4444 said...

I was a little nervous reading this post; thanks for not spoiling the ending! I'm glad to know the book and movie are similar, as I am reading it right now, partly in hard copy, and partly with an audio book that I listen to in the car.

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