Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Duct Tape To The Rescue in Five Ways

Duct tape is a wonderful "tool" that fixes many things.

UPDATED 5/7/10: Another use is to get gum off a rug. I saw this at Modern Mom.

Torn Gym Bag

My bag that I carry my purse in to work every day along with the newspaper, a book, my pills and my camera if I remember has a pocket on the outside which I use for my company ID card, my bus ticket, a small pack of Kleenex and sometimes my keys. It was tearing though so I hesitated using it for my keys which are pretty heavy. I finally got around to fixing it with some duct tape. It works very well for a lot of things. It sticks to all types of material such as fabric, wood and plastic.

cars & buses

One of the cars I had a long time ago had a broken side door mirror so I used duct tape on that and it held for a long time. We also use it when putting PVC pipes together for our puppet stage to hold things in place. I bet it would even serve as a patch for a hole in a screen.
Last Friday I noticed it even works for holding buses together! See the right front of my bus?

Crafts--Giraffe Note holder

This was made from scrap wood. Its legs were cracked so I wound some duct tape around them to make it sturdier and help straighten them up again.

Ping Pong Net

The net on the one side of our ping pong table kept turning so again duct tape came to the rescue. It bothers me when the net keeps flopping around.


Ever need a blindfold for a game or prank? Usually no matter what I use it's not dark enough. I finally discovered that if I use a scarf and put duct tape on it, not only does it keep the material from slipping but it also makes it dark enough so you can't see through it.

What are some uses you have found for duct tape?

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Claire said...

I hadn't really thought about different uses although, perhaps a gag in certain situations. Never tried it out but have often been tempted. :-D

Daisy said...

I read you can use duct tape to remove warts - no kidding!

BeadedTail said...

Great tips! I don't think we even have any duct tape around but maybe we'll have to get some for some fix ups!

tahtimbo said...

I actually have a roll that I keep around the house. When I was doing maintenance, we had a saying, "if you can't fix it, duct tape it!"

Mike Golch said...

Red Green said it best "the handyman's secret wepon

Melissa B. said...

Have you heard about the contest for making a Prom dress out of duct tape? Unbelievable!

Homestay Mama said...

My older renter needed to apply a compress on his leg this morning, and all he had to secure it in place was duct tape. But it did the job until he got to the doctor!

Anonymous said...

We will be using duct tape this coming Father's Day to make wallets for all the men in our family =)

After reading all these comments duct tape is a pretty nifty cheap tool to keep around the house for practically everything.

Chelle said...

LOL I love Duct Tape. I've used it to hold the girls up when I couldn't find my strapless bra in my ball gown. Fix the handle on my pots. Hold the brake line on the kids bikes together. Oh the things it's rescued me from potential disastrous is amazing.

Stopping by from SITS

The Silver Age Sara said...

Well, duct tape is holding together my rain boots and Mountain Man has it all over everywhere. I couldn't live without it and it helps save money on replacing items.

Unknown said...

My son made a wallet out of duct tape. N

Unknown said...

OOps, sorry about that. I was trying to login before I finished my comment.

My son made a wallet out of duck/duct tape. (did you know its original name was duck tape? It was because water ran off it like it does off a duck's back). The wallet was complete with a long pocket for bills, and a couple of short slots for credit cards and driver's license. I don't know how he figured out how to make it, but it was pretty cool.

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