Friday, April 30, 2010

6 Things I Learned This Week--#69

Dannons vs. Yoplait Greek Yogurt

After hearing how great the plain Yoplait Greek Yogurt is from trainer Bob on "The Biggest Loser," I decided to give it a try. Actually I got the Yoplait and also Dannon's. I tried Dannon's first and couldn't eat it. I took two bites and threw it away--it was HORRIBLE! YUCK! After a few days, I got up my nerve to try the Yoplait plain Greek yogurt which I could eat. It didn't taste good, but it wasn't totally horrible either. It has 0g of fat and 14g of protein, 9g sugar, 90mg sodium and 100 calories. To get the protein, it may be worth putting up with the taste.

National Poetry Month

At Find Your Next Book Here I just found out April is National Poetry Month. Whew, I almost missed it! At Savvy Verse & Wit, she even organized a poetry blog tour. If you enjoy poetry, you may like to take a peek!

Pet Adoption for Seniors

In the Cleveland Plain Dealer last Friday, I saw that the Animal Protective League (APL) is giving senior cats for free and senior dogs for just $5 to anyone 60 or older thanks to a grant from the Pets for the Elderly Foundation! Isn't that nice?


 Amazon Associates--Monetizing My Blog

I took the plunge and joined Amazon Associates through Blogger, learning how to easily link products to Amazon and advertise them on my blog.  Mostly I'm just doing books that we like.  I don't really expect to earn much from this but I figure it doesn't hurt to give it a try.  For example, here is the book I wrote in memory of my dad.

Amazon Customer Reviews

Just thought I'd mention that I never knew how to do an Amazon customer review until I published my book, My Funny Dad, Harry." I finally wrote a post on how to do it with a video demonstration at How To Post A Customer Book Review On Amazon on my other blog because I found that a lot of people had no clue how to do it.  It's really quite simple.


Today when playing my cat trivia game I learned that "Today is National Hairball Awareness Day... Really. (so brush your cat and keep those hairballs away)." I really need to brush my cats more often--every day would be good but I just don't do it much.

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Daisy said...

At our house we have Chobani greek yogurt. It is pretty good! I just saw the ad for the Yoplait yogurt but we have not tried it yet.

clew said...

I've been wondering about greek yogurt. I'm kind of scared now.

Hairball Awareness Day. LOL. I shouldn't laugh - poor kitties! But it sounds funny.

Visiting from Fri Frags! Have a great weekend xoxoxo

Sandee said...

I love yogurt. I've not had it plain though. That would probably make a difference.

I wish I had kitties to brush. I'm so highly allergic.

I just love this post you do every week. I'm doing one similar tomorrow. It's all the goofy stuff I find though.

Have a terrific day and weekend Karen. :)

tahtimbo said...

I love yogurt, but I can't stand just the plain stuff. I usually add some granola and maybe some honey to it, which makes it taste terrific!

carol at A Secnd Cup said...

Stonyfield Farms Greek yogurt is pretty good and pretty pricey.

mimbles said...

I love plain Greek style yogurt but it is an acquired taste.

I hardly ever brush my cats, the shorter haired one doesn't need it and the longer haired one hates it so much that it's really not worth the trauma unless there's matting that needs to be trimmed out. They get an occasional hairball during seasonal moults but nothing that causes them any problems.

BeadedTail said...

I've never tried Greek yogurt yet but plan too after hearing how good it is for you. I don't think I could eat it plain though so would probably add fresh fruit or something.

That's wonderful about the senior pets for senior people! What a great idea for both the pets and the people!

Ma What's 4 dinner said...

I actually like the Dannon greek. I'm weird.

Thanks for stopping by and making my SITS day such a wonderful experience. Your time and your words mean the world to me.

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner

A 2 Z said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog today for the Saturday Sharefest!
I really appreciated your visit. I had a good look at your blog and find it very fascinating. I am your 101th follower!

Take care,


Karen and Gerard said...

Daisy: I haven't see the Chobani brand, but then it could be just because I'm focused on Dannons.

Clew: Aw, don't be scared, it's worth a try. I know, I laughed when I saw "Hairball Awareness" day too!

Sandee: I like the flavored Dannons Light-n-fit yogurt, but the plain is not very good. It's sad you are allergic to kittes, sure glad I'm not! I love my cats!!!! I visited your post of goofy things--quite good!

Tahtimbo: That's a good idea to add something to the plain, but then that defeats the healthy purpose of getting the plain, doesn't it?

Carol: Stoneyfield Farms is another brand I haven't seen. If it's pricey though, it's not for me!

Mimbles: I am going to try to acquire a taste for the Yoplait plain Greek yogurt because it's such a good source of protein.

My cats have short hair too so that's why I don't brush them too much, plus they don't seem to like it much either.

Beaded Tail: Be brave, try the plain Greek yogurt first and if you can't stand it, then maybe add something to it.

I thought that pets for seniors was nice too.

Ma, What's 4 Dinner: You really like the Dannon's plain Greek yogurt??? YUCK! I wondered who would buy that, now I know. Enjoyed visiting your blog--it's great!

A2Z: Welcome to my blog, Anne-Marie! Thanks for becoming a follower! You never know what you'll find posted here--it's a modge podge.

Mama Up! said...

I simply cannot stand plain yogurt of any sort, though my husband and especially my baby will eat it with smiles on their faces. To me the good stuff in it isn't worth the nasty taste.

Messy Mommy said...

I'm not a big yogurt eater, and if I do eat it it's definitely NOT plain! I just recently joined Amazon Associates too. I'm making lots of money from it. NOT!

The Silver Age Sara said...


I've been seeing Greek yogurt for sale everywhere but I haven't tried it. What is it? I have been eating our local, organic yogurt which is delicious even when it's plain.

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