Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gerard's Thoughts On "The Bachelor" Show

Here are my notes as I took as I watched the show:

The RV date was a good idea! Gia got the first date. None of the girls thought Gia could handle the outdoor date. "Spin the Bottle"--that's a date? Thought that was a kissing game. Glad Gia got a rose. That's good! Now that I know Gia better, she's okay. Maybe lose the giggle laugh though.

The dune buggy cars are way cool! Jake a "hero" for getting the car unstuck? Give me a break!

Enough wine already--every date!

The girls clean up very nice--looking real good!

I don't think Ashleigh is the one--Jake knows it!

Tenley gets a rose--I guessed that! Kathryn is bitter on Jake and with good reason!
Ella goes home--too bad. When was the last time a woman with a kid won? I think never! Kathryn goes home too! She should have known, even she said he hasn't paid her much attention!

Why is Jessie so worried about Vienna? Shouldn't she be worried about herself?

Ali gets a rose--yea! (I see she's wearing yellow again but she looks good in that dress!)

Corrie gets a rose--good!

Jake takes forever to give out the roses--he wanted to be the bachelor so get on with it already! At the beginning he says how hard it is to send one home, and then he decides to send two home--duh! I would have sent all the last three home--Vienna too!

Not surprised Ashley and Jessie are going home. Hello Jessie--you're going home, not Vienna!

Other than Vienna, is anybody happy?

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Daisy said...

I like Gia a lot better now, too. I liked Ali all along, but I think she needs to stop focusing so much on Vienna. I think it could backfire on her!

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Daisy: I agree Ali needs to quit harping about Vienna. I think I kind of understand though why she is doing it. She is just venting because she feels they are so different that she can't understand how he could possibly keep her and Vienna since in her mind they are nothing alike. The more the girls ostricize Vienna though, the more it's going to make him feel sorry for her and want to keep her. They did have a connection on that bungee jumping date and if the girls don't back off, I bet he'll wind up picking Vienna.

I like Gia okay too. I think she's very pretty but didn't get why she would wear a dress and heels camping--thought that was very stupid of her.

Sandra said...

Yeah... I think I'm being to hard on Vienna... NOT! LOL

Love it!

Helene said...

I don't get the whole Vienna thing either. I just don't see the chemistry between the two of them. I much prefer Tenley or Ali, though they both tend to be kinda whiny!

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