Monday, January 25, 2010

Benefits Of Using My Balance Ball

I got the balance ball for my birthday and have been using it every day! I want to be able to workout at home because I don't want to have to pay for gym memberships when I feel I don't go enough to make it worthwhile. Also, I use the balance ball when I'm at my computer so I can be a little more active by rolling on it, twisting on it and doing sit-ups and use the dumbells on it while waiting for things to load.

I just push the computer chair off to the side and my cats make use of it. I love it because they are closer and easier to reach now and I just love petting them. They seem to generally like it too and they patiently wait their turn to blog but enjoy watching me. Normally, just one comes at a time but over the weekend, both of them shared the chair! So this is the added benefit of my Balance ball.

I have also used it while watching a fitness show on FitTV that was a real workout. That is a good station for fitness because they have different trainers and a wide variety of exercises so I don't get bored doing the same things all the time, which really isn't good anyhow. With my balance ball also came a big poster with exercises targeting different areas. I did the legs and hips. I think I will get a lot of use out of this so it was worth the money. Those sessions with a live trainers are expensive and so are gym memberships if you don't go at least three times a week!

I highly recommend the balance ball! What exercise equipment do you especially like?

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Sandee said...

I use my treadmill. I don't go for the club memberships either. I like my privacy right here at home.

Have a terrific day. :)

Monique said...

What a smart idea. I never would have even thought to sit on the balance ball while at the computer.

I too am not a fan of going to gyms. There is just something unpleasant about them, but I loooooooooooooove swimming and since we don't have a pool, we use the one at 24 hour fitness. That's my equipment of choice anyway.... a large swimming pool :)

Writing Without Periods! said...

I'm one of those weird people who love to work out. I'm not a fan of the balance ball. I'm a treadmill weight person.
Love the cats.

Jude said...

Every time I buy a piece of equipment I use it for a bit then it ends up catching all my junk.

BeadedTail said...

We have a balance ball but I don't use it. I do enjoy doing workouts with our Wii though.

Manny and Spunky Doodle are so cute using your computer chair!

The Proverbs Wife said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks for stopping by the new blog. I agree that this a very clean layout. It’s simple and easy on the eyes. The first layout I chose had some corrupted coding that I could not fix which is why I removed it.

Thank you for updating your blogroll. I plan to close the other site in a few days. I will have Blogger forward all inquiries over here, which will make the transition easier for all.

Thank you Karen.

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