Thursday, January 28, 2010

10 Things That Bug Me

Coupons/rebates: Why can't things just be priced down to begin with instead of making us feel we get a bargain with a coupon or rebate. It's a fuss to bother with those things.

Cold, cloudy days: Enough with winter! I would like to be warm and not have to run the furnace. I'd like to see some sun and be able to go outside again without a coat.

Solicitations: I give generously to many causes but do not like to get these solicitations in the mail constantly. The most annoying one was for Cancer Research immediately after I paid a big medical bill. They sure didn't waste any time hitting me up for a donation.

Estimated Utility Bills: These really rile me up! They are always higher than our usual actual bills. If the utility company doesn't want to bother reading the meter, then they shouldn't expect payment that month and just wait until they can make a reading. This month we had both our gas and electric bills estimated! They can charge whatever they want that way and I resent it.

Outrageously High Costs For Prescription Drugs: I love the fact that two of my prescriptions I can get for just $4 a month at WalMart and Giant Eagle so I assumed my new Femara pill would be like that too, but boy was I wrong! It costs me $412 a month and I have to take this stupid pill for five years! I am so upset about this, I hope I don't go into shock or have a heart attack!

Litterbugs: How hard is it to throw paper and junk into a trash can instead of on the ground, especially at a neighborhood park that has trash cans conveniently located all around it? Sometimes when Gerard and I go to play tennis at the Forestwood courts, we actually go around picking up empty bottles and stuff that people just leave laying on the courts.

2-hour TV Shows: The three I specifically am referring to are Survivor specials, The Biggest Loser and The Bachelor. All three of these keep repeating things we've already seen before which really annoys me along with the lengthy commercials that seam to go on forever. My favorite show which is just an hour long and at the end I say, "It's over already!" is Friday Night Lights. This one my husband and I both watch together and the best part is that it is commercial free. I'm not sure everyone gets this show though. We get it on DirectTV.

Anonymous spam comments: I'm sure all bloggers will agree with me on this one! Why can't anonymous people get a life and quit wasting my time with spam comments. It's really annoying and I just delete them so they don't really get anything out of them. I don't understand why they waste their time leaving them. I don't like wasting my time but don't want to block out legitimate commenters who wish to remain anonymous.

Long Lines At Giant Eagle: I refuse to use the self-checkout lines because I want people to keep their jobs. It really bugs me though when I have to wait longer in line to check out than it took me to do my shopping. On a few occasions, I just needed to pick up two or three items and although express lanes were there, no cashier was at them. They only have two or three cashiers at a time but many lanes. I wish they would get more cashiers working at the same time so lines would move faster.

Getting work to do just before it's time to go home: My boss is good about not doing this to me. He knows I have to get out on time to catch my bus or else it's a 40 minute wait for the next one. I start at 8:30 a.m. and leave at 5:00 p.m. Often when I back up for certain other attorneys I'll get work to do right up to the last minute. Then I have to scurry around getting my things and often forget something and have to run for the bus. This is the thing on this list that bugs me the most. The only thing worse is when I miss my bus!

Do these things bother you too or am I the only one? What else bugs you?

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Anonymous said...

I took the anonymous option off of my comments a few months ago.

My hubby hates the estimated electricity!

Kathy said...

Oh, Karen. I love this post! You see, you're like the nicest, sweetest person I know who spreads sunshine wherever she goes. It's so nice to see there are actually things that bug you :)

I'm so sorry about that high-priced drug you need. Ow, ow, ow, that's expensive!

I'm being hit so hard with spam comments now. I do "mass delete" them in my WordPress dashboard, but I'm referring to the ones that don't get caught by my filter. They come from people who leave nonsensical comments just to try and get a back link to their blogs. Drives me insane! (I delete those too, so they don't get any google juice).

I've had it with winter, too! Today was a sloppy, dangerous morning. I don't know why I keep living in the northeast.

Have a great day, Karen!

The Author said...

I so agree with your list. I did block anonymous comments on my blog because of so much spam all of a sudden. I hardly ever get any true anonymous comments and my email address is there if someone needs to contact me.
As to work, I was a paralegal and my boss thought worked started at 4:55.
I have a DVR recordable receiver and I just fast forward through all the ads and stuff on the two hour things.
I really agree with the rebates and solicitations. You've read my mind :-)

Melissa said...

I agree with this list!

Sandee said...

For the last few weeks I've had lots of anonymous comments. Yesterday I had 15 or so. I turned off anonymous comments. This morning I had none. It was wonderful.

Have a terrific day. :)

Claudia Lawrence said...

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Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Yaya: When my dad got those estimated gas bills, he would read the meter and then calculate how much he really owed and just paid that amount. I think it's crazy they are able to estimate it.

Kathy: LOL! Thanks! Glad you like the post. I lumped them all into one because I really don't like to complain but was curious what others thought about these things too.

The good news about that ridiculously high-priced drug is that I'll get my $2400 deductible met in 5-6 months and after that then the insurance will cover the whole amount for the rest of the year.

You get tons of comments on all your posts--I don't know how you keep up with them all! The last thing you need is a bunch of anonymous spam ones.

The whole US was cold today except for Florida, Texas and Southern California. Where's the global warming here????

Mountain Woman: It's good to know others feel the same way. We record those 2 hour shows too, but it still took us 1 1/2 hours to watch it. The DVR Fast Forward doesn't seem to go as fast as the VCR recorders did. You're right about the anonymous comments--most are spam. I don't know if lawyers are just inconsiderate or if theyjust don't realize what time it is.

Mrs. Lovely: Thanks for stopping be and letting me know you agree with my list.

Sandee: 15 is a lot to deal with. I don't blame you for turning yours off. I was getting 2 or 3 a day and that bugged me. I turned it off for awhile hoping they would get frustrated and quit coming by.

Claudia Lawrence: Glad you like my blog and thanks for bookmarking it and sharing it with others! That means a lot to me. I might look into that website you suggest, especially for my other blog.

BeadedTail said...

I so agree with so many things on your list! I haven't had any anonymous comments yet but I did get the same from from Claudia Lawrence that you did today. :)

My boss always gives work at the last minute too. She works 70-80 hours a week cause she has nothing else to do but work so she thinks we don't have lives either. She loads us up at the last minute or else makes us think of all the work we have waiting for us when we come back.

Helene said...

over $400/month for a prescription drug?? wow, that's insane! That's like a car payment or groceries for one month!

Sometimes with those 2-hour shows, I just DVR them and watch them after they're over so I can FF through all the commercials!

baby names said...

Heather is right, its One Week by the bare naked ladies.Coincidentally I was watching that movie two nights ago so its still pretty fresh in my memory.

Pchanner said...

You are so right. I have to agree with each of those. The prescription one just WOWs me. That is outragous

Visiting from SITS

Danae Hudson said...

I almost ALWAYS get work 15 minutes before it's time to leave. Irritating!!

Stopping by from SITS

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