Monday, September 21, 2009

Wonderful Weekend--Except for Sunday Football

We had a great weekend overall. Saturday, Abby had her last dog training class. It's so funny how people make such a big deal about little graduations nowadays. I always laugh when someone says their son or daughter graduated from Kindergarten! Whooppee, I think. Then I find out that at PetSmart, they actually have graduation caps for the dogs to wear after completing their 8 weeks of training. It cracks me up! They also gave us a certificate and like the proud parents we are, I can't help but post the pictures to show you. Abby wrote all about this on her blog: I Graduated!

Saturday afternoon we had a nice time at our puppet team picnic at Pam's and took Abby along too. Pam has a wooded area at the back of her property where Abby had fun exploring. This is a picture of me anjoying my annual hot dog. I also had the sweet corn which was very good that was oooked in the fire. We have a lot of young kids on our puppet team this year but still 6 or 7 adults too. It's a unique group because of the wide age range. We enjoy working together and since we have so many this fall, I am able to just help with directing behind the scenes and sort of mentor the newer members. Our director has been involved with puppets for 38 years and this will be our 12th year on the Sonshine Gang Puppet Team connected with our church.

Sunday was good too, except for the afternoon when both the Patriots and Browns lost. There was a lot of yelling going on at our house and after both games we walked the dog to calm down. Dogs are great for that! The morning though was the highlight for me. I felt so much better than I did last week and my class went very well. Last Sunday was the first week I taught after my surgery and the class really made me feel better. I had twelve 5th and 6th grade boys and had some fun things planned that would make it a bit easier on me like balloon volleyball for the discussion on friends and doing the David and Saul skit outside in the courtyard. The boys loved it and I could just relax for awhile. Gerard helped me.

Yesterday though, I did it solo and had 16 5th and 6th grade boys. We did our football review game at the end which is always fun, although this week the score was lopsided 20-0. We had a new kid who refused to come to Sunday School for a long, long time because he had a bad experience with a Sunday School teacher early on. I was thrilled to see him in my class this week and see him participate and enjoy it. He did a good job in the skit and even made an interception in the football review game. I keep taking my camera and then forget to take the pictures. Oh well. This is a picture of football review from my previous class. The 6th graders will start in their own class next week--we were waiting for another teacher so one of the boy's dads volunteered.

To read about my game coverage see: Here We Go Again--What's The End Zone?


Daisy said...

Congratulations to Abby!

My football team is playing tonight. I hope the Dolphins do better than last week!

Sandee said...

Yay for Abby. She's such a good girl.

Now I'm hungry for a hot dog.

Have a terrific day. :)

Karen said...

Congratulations Abby!

Lin said...

Congratulations on the graduation. I'm thinking for dogs this was probably more like a high school graduation, don't you think? :)

Not a football fan, but sorry your teams lost. I think it matters to some people here, but I try to avoid the whole game discussion.

Looks like you are getting back into action again! I'm glad you are feeling better.

BeadedTail said...

Congratulations to Abby!

Sorry about the game. We're in the same boat - the Chiefs are off to another lousy start.

The Florida Furkids said...

You had a busy weekend! Yippee for Abby!!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Chris said...

Congratulations to Abby on her graduation. And talking about having a hot dog - now I'm hungry!

carol at A Second Cup said...

My doggy actually failed dog school. She was sick at te time and I didn't know it.

Jude said...

Sounds like you're getting back into your groove good for you and congrats to Abby.

The Author said...

What a wonderful weekend and congratulations to Abby and you. The ceremony sounds like a lot of fun.

admin said...

Congrats Abby!

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