Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Fun Honeymoon!

Gerard and I are not travelers. We found Saw Mill Creek Resort to be a perfect place for us to go for a honeymoon and was only a little over an hour’s drive. It’s near Cedar Point. It had tennis courts, a golf course, a woods, an indoor and outdoor pool with a hammock (something I always thought would be nice to have), a gift shop and restaurant.

We were there the first week of September and it wasn’t crowded at all. We practically had the whole place to ourselves. The first night, I modeled all my nightgowns that I got for Gerard but of course, he liked naked best! (No pictures for you, sorry--for Gerard only.) Our first might there around midnight we were in bed and I smelled smoke. It seemed to be coming in through the air conditioner. Apparently, it was just from a cigarette that someone had dropped outside our room so we just had to switch rooms. After that, everything was fine and we had a wonderful relaxing week.

We played tennis every morning after a delicious breakfast, then did different things. We walked through the woods, swam in the indoor pool (just the two of us), played golf and did better than I expected. Gerard did not play but he talked me into playing. We checked out the gift shop and bought a little black stuffed bear we named “Smokey.”

The highlight was finding a deer park close by that Gerard suggested we go to. He drove while I navigated and we found it without any trouble. We had such a good time there too! As soon as we brought some food in the pen, ALL the deer came charging over to us! We keep saying we’d like to go back sometime but haven’t yet. I don’t see it happening as long as we have our pets! We would miss them terribly!!

This may not be your typical honeymoon, but we both had a great time! What was yours like?


Daisy said...

Daisy's "mom" here:
That sounds like a fun and relaxing honeymoon! We were so, so young when we got married (21!), so we didn't have a lot of money. We spent 3 days in San Francisco sightseeing, eating in great restaurants and shopping. Then we drove to Reno for a couple of days of fun.

Jen said...

Fun honeymoon! My husband and I went to the North Georgia Mountains and spent three days in a cabin overlooking the Smokey Mountains. It was very restful and fun. We hiked around the cabin, slid down a muddy hill, crossed a ravine on a rotted, fallen log, and laid out on the roof at night to count stars. Marvelous! Thanks for sharing your honeymoon memories!


Sandee said...

We went to Lake Tahoe for a short honeymoon. We were both working so much that taking time off was very difficult. So we had a long weekend if you will.

Okay, how are things going after yesterday? I'm guessing this post was prepared prior to your surgery. Just concerned about how you are doing. Prayers in progress.

Have a terrific day. :)

Tina @ The Zoo Crew said...

Our honeymoon was a dream come true for me. We spent a week and a half traveling the entire coast of Maine! It was absolutely beautiful, and I did not want to come home. We stayed in a hotel on the beach and camped in the deep woods. We mixed a little bit of everything in on our trip. So worth it! Hope I get to live there someday...

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Daisy's Mom: Sounds like you had a fun time too though. Ours was very relaxing. It was great getting away from responsibilities for a whole week but I was ready to get into our normal life together and anxious to move into our new home so that helped make it easier to come home.

JStanton Chandler: Thanks for sharing about your honeymoon. It sounds like a lot of fun too. I always thought it would be nice sometime to get a mountain cabin for a few days, never did it though. Now with our pets, I think I'd rather just stay home with them! It's fun thinking back though, isn't it?

Tina: Wow, sounds wonderful! That is a beautiful state. Hope your dream of living there some day comes true for you too! Sounds like a great time.

the cat/dog log said...

It's a wonderful place for a honeymoon - Dan and I have stayed there too - it's about an hour away from us.

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