Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Ever Play Spots?

Last night I met up with four other game lovers at Panera Bread to play some games.  I play three different new games I never heard of.  My favorite was Spots.  It's a doggie game where you try to match numbers on the dog cards to numbers you roll on dice.  The winner is the first to complete six dog cards.  Each player also gets a backyard where you have to bury dice you can't play.  If you get a total of more than 7, you go bust and have to start over.  You can also acquire bones which are good for being able to reroll if you get a number you can't use and don't want to bury.  There are cards to choose from on your turn that give different options as to how many dice to roll or how to get more bones or dog cards.  It was easy to learn and fun to play.  I was so close to winning the first game but took a chance that got me stuck and didn't pay off.  The second game I played with a different strategy and won in one long last turn just before we had to quit!


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