Thursday, September 14, 2023

Ga Ga Ball is a Hit!

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I was so happy the weather was warm enough for us to play outside for the first Pioneer Girls gym night yesterday at Parma Heights Baptist Church.  This year, all the girls grades 1-6 will have gym time together and for 45 minutes instead of half an hour.  Last night, we had 23 girls.  We played Ga Ga Ball first with everyone.  It was a new game for some, including myself.  I looked it up on YouTube to see how to play it and the video explained and demonstrated it quite well.  (   Once we played one game, I gave the girls the option to go play on the playground.  Ten chose to do that instead which speeded up the games some.  I like to give them choices if possible.  Everyone seemed happy with that and had fun! We played four games and then had the winners of each play in a championship game.  The winner of the night was Jojo, I believe a 5th grader.  She was very fast and aggressive.  Now I have to think of something fun inside for next month!


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WOW, it was Ladies GaGa!

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