Saturday, August 8, 2020

West Creek Park is HUGE! (Part 1) by Roxy

 I got to go to West Creek Park and WOW!  We couldn't even cover it in just one day so I am doing several blog posts about my outings there.  The video is a collection of several pics taken during my first two outings there.  I was so excited to actually be walking right in the woods and off the concrete paths.  They have actual dirt trails to walk on, some flat and some on hills.  

Plus, a lot of dogs come there to walk and explore.  Some I got to meet but some I just had to let go by.  They have trail signs, but sometimes my mom still gets confused.  My dad says it would be easy to get lost in the woods and they should have people stationed around to help with directions.  

So far I explored four different areas.  Our first stop was along the way to get to the main part where the big circle path is.  We explored in the woods on the Lookout Ridge trail first.  The picture to the left is of how excited I got running up the hill to dad.  I was moving so fast, he missed my head!

The main part with the big circle path at the bottom is where I was able to get a drink at the doggie fountain.  It also has benches for people to sit on.  My mom and dad were sitting on one near the end of our outing.  I spotted something move in the big high grass nearby and went to chase it.  My mom wasn't expecting that and tipped over, almost falling off the bench.  Too bad dad didn't get a picture of that!  It would have been a funny one.  To my credit though, I did stop when I heard her yell my name.  That was enough for one day--about an hour.

 On our second trip, we did three trails . . . sort of.  The first one we thought was going through the park, but it was the path that went along the main street next to the park.  My mom was disappointed we wasted time on that one.  

Then though, we followed two trails that went through the woods.  The first one we did was pretty narrow and long which led to the Skyline Overlook.  See picture to the right. we could actually see the Cleveland skyline above the treetops in the center of the tall buildings downtown from there but they didn't show up on the photo.  It was pretty cool though.

Lastly, we went on the Lookout Ridge Loop, but we backtracked to get back because we were getting tired by then and it seemed to be blocked to complete the loop.  Mom is still not sure how that trail goes.  We'll probably try it again another day to see if we can figure out the loop part.  

Next time we are going to check out some loop trails off the main circle path.  Those are really an adventure!  Be sure to look for that post (West Creek Park Adventure - Part 2)!

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You sure are having fun exploring sweet Roxy!

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