Thursday, December 19, 2019

Roxy's Big Adventure

Now I know how parents feel when they drop off their child for the first time at a daycare or kindergarten.  Today is Roxy's evaluation day at Barklyn Heights Dog Daycare.  We got a friendly greeting from Zach, signed a couple papers and he copied her medical records that showed all the vaccine requirements.  Then a nice man named Mike came out to greet her and took her inside the off limits to parents area before we even explained to her what was happening.  Fortunately, they have cameras set up so we can see her throughout the day if she's in the play areas.  They also said they would send us an email progress report around halfway between noon and 1:00.

She is mostly observing as of 10:00.  She is in the outside play area with other dogs hearty dogs that want to be outside on such a cold day.  It's only 16 degrees.  I am surprised so many dogs want to be outside in this.  They can choose for themselves if they want to be indoors or outdoors.  I noticed her tail was not up as high as usual but it wasn't all the way down either.  I think she misses us and is unsure if we'll be back to get her which I feel bad about.  She is walking all around, exploring the area which I think is a good sign.  So far I haven't seen any dogs jumping at her or her jumping at them.

I sure hope this goes well and she likes it.   I just checked back to the video and her tail is all up now.
I think I could get used to this--I love being able to be outside so long without a leash!  The other dogs seem nice.
10:00 Oh, oh, now with the other dogs around her, I see her tail is down.  I think she may be a bit afraid.  (She is the black dog closest to the camera looking at the other dogs.)
Hey, can I be friends with you guys?

 All the dogs came inside around 10:20 and Roxy walked all around the side and was wagging her tail at the person.  For a little bit, a bunch of dogs followed after her and let her lead the way!  Then she went back to being a wallflower and just observing.  Looks like she's making at least one friend now.  She is way at the far end.

When we picked her up, they told us she did very well.  Was curious, shy but interested.  Favorite things was exploring the yard, playing follow the leader, and making new friends and showed no aggression.  She is welcome back anytime!  Said Roxy is a great new addition!  Yay! 

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Brian said...

I'm glad Roxy had a good time, she'll probably do better each time!

Summer said...

I'm glad Roxy did well for her first time!

Lin said...

It is probably not a good idea to watch her so much during her first few visits, as she learning how to navigate all those dogs and what her place is. I remember watching my kids when they were interacting with others when they didn't know I was watching. It wasn't good for me or them I learned. Let her go and have fun...check on her when she is more settled and sure of herself in that situation.

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