Friday, December 27, 2019

Hallmark Christmas Movie Sweater

Thanks to my husband, I now am the proud owner of a Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie Watching sweater!  This was one of my Christmas gifts this year and is very comfortable.  I do enjoy watching Hallmark movies and especially the Christmas ones!  Even though Christmas is over, I think they are still running some but just in case, I still have a few taped that I can watch.  There were only two left when my husband went to order this one for me!  He couldn't believe people snatched them up.  Who else has one?

Do you like the Hallmark Christmas movies?  Some are definitely better than others, but I enjoy most of them.

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Brian said...

Cool sweater! I think we watched all of the Hallmark Christmas movies, some more than once.

Karen and Gerard said...

There are several I really like that enjoy watching over again too.

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