Friday, July 20, 2018

Summer Shake Up 2018--The First One Ever for Parma Heights Baptist Church

This year Parma Heights Baptist Church called it quits for sports camp which ran for 10 years and instead of VBS, had one week for a large ministry to kids in the community called Summer Shake Up which combined some good things from Sports Camp and VBS into something brand new.  I took this week for my vacation so I could be a small group leader for 4th graders and had a fun week with the kids, going along through all the activities with them.  I took some pictures and some video of some things and made this video.

Our theme of the week was Philippians 1:6:
God began doing a good work in you and will continue it until it is finished when Jesus Christ comes again.

They did five different main activities twice during the week:  create, Wacky Science, Obstacle Course, Large Group Games and Nature Alive.  It was set up to have something for everyone, not just kids who like sports, but some active things for those who do like to run around.  I felt it was a pretty good mix.  Most importantly, the kids had fun and enjoyed the week.  Everyone who came got caps and a prize bag with several items depending on how many days they came.

The devotions for the week were:  God is the Master Builder (sin entered world), Built Right (Nehemiah), Built New--Inside & Out (Zachaeus), Built with Power (Saul/Paul) and Invited Home Forever (John's vision of heaven).

Over $1,000 was brought in for hygiene items the Chain of Love orphanage in Brazil. 

I was disappointed on Thursday when I took some video with my Flip camera to find out later that I didn't have it on record so missed some really good shots of our group playing that pirate game.  I went over Friday to take some of the younger group, just so I could include it in the video.  Our kids really had fun with that one!

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