Sunday, July 29, 2018

5 Things I Learned Last Week

1--Did you know that statistically, one out of ten prisoners on death row is innocent?  I learned this when I read The Sun Does Shine (click on link to my review of it).  It was a very moving read for me.

2--I also learned from reading Little Shoes (click link to see my
review) that often eye witnesses are unreliable, but Juries often put a lot of weight on their testimony.  Also, police sometimes form a line-up with the guy they suspect but don't include anyone else who looks anything like him.

3--The cute little 2-yr old female leopard at the Cleveland zoo was moved from the nice new Asian Highlands exhibit back to the Primate building to await her move to the Bronx zoo in a couple months.  This seems so mean.  She had a ball in the new exhibit but because of some faulty construction, it was deemed unsafe for her to stay.  Plus the zoo wanted to move the three new baby leopards, her two brothers and sister, up there and needed to make room for them and the mother.  Both the father and mother are up at Asian Highlands as well.

4--I also found out that the zoo rotates the leopards around in different exhibits now at Asian Highlands so they get more variety and can smell the scent of other leopards.  Above is a picture of Edgar, the zoo's Amur leopard who likes his new home.  I thought that was good!

5--When we were assembling our new electric lawn mower, I learned what a cam lock is.  It is supposed to work easy but we could not get it into the lock position.  It is made of plastic and I was afraid to push any harder because it felt like it would break.  We called a neighbor over to see if he could help us, and he tried too with the same result.  I checked on YouTube, because you know you can learn how to do practically anything from those YouTube videos, but the ones I watched had no problem at all getting it locked into place.  I called the help line and was told to try turning the circular part one revolution.  I tried and couldn't even get it to turn 1/4 of a revolution.  Then I gave up and decided to try again later.  To my surprise, I got the one on the right side to turn and sure enough, then I was able to lock it in place!  Finally, after a few more attempts, the right side turned too and I had to give that side a couple revolutions but finally got it locked into place.  No tools were needed   What a relief! We got it to work but it will take some practice getting used to keeping that cord out of the way and not stepping on it.

Ordered it from Walmart - no tools required for assembly and beats our push mower.  

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Lin said...

Aren't they all "innocent" in jail??? ;)

Interesting about the leopards. I think it is good to move them around so that they have some variety. I can't imagine being in one place all the time. Although, that may be of comfort for them too?? I guess the zoo people know what is best.

Glad you figured out the mower!

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