Friday, April 22, 2016

5 Things I Learned Recently

(1)  Because my bus stop moved, I discovered that the next one coming home is actually closer to my
house than the one I've been using for years!  The morning one is farther though.  I'm just happy they didn't cut out my bus route altogether!  I even have a little puzzle for you.  Can you guess what that big red spot is to the left of the sign?  (I'll give you the answer at the end of this post.)

(2)  Admission to The Cleveland Rock Hall of Fame is $20, BUT during the week of the Republican Convention, admission will be free!  I heard this on the morning news yesterday.  Looks like we'll be going after all.

(3)  When we asked the 5th and 6th graders in our Sunday School class to write memorial poems about God using some specific instructions, we were surprised that some of them didn't know what a verb was.  Did they stop teaching grammar in schools now too?

(4)  If you have a game called THE SETTLERS about settling Canaan, here are some tips on how to shorten it:
                  1.  Give everyone some free resources to start and/or a development card.
                  2.  Wait 3 rounds before putting the plague into play.
                  3.  Take some rows off the Jerusalem wall.
                  4.  Give the tokens a head start so players don't need as many victory points to win.
                  5.  Take a resource card for each one you build a settlement on.
  If you strictly follow the rules, it lasts for hours!

(5)  Handle anxiety by saying "I'm excited!" (not "stay calm") and when praising people for things they do, connect the behavior to their character such as instead of saying "That was nice of you to give that homeless person some money" say "You are such a kind, generous, caring person."  These are just some of the things I learned from reading "Originals--How Non-Conformist Change the World."  (A Best Seller by Adam Grant)

Answer to puzzle in #1:  It's the bill of my husband's baseball cap.  He's so sweet, he walks me to the bus stop every morning and waits with me until it comes, then meets me when I get off in the evening.  It's nice to be loved.

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Sandee said...

How nice that your husband goes to the bus stop in the morning and then meets you at night when you come home. That is ever so sweet.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. ☺

Mrs4444 said...

What a sweetheart Gerard is; I'm happy for you both.
Yes, we atill teach grammar, but I don't think as much time as in the past is spent, given all the content we have to cram down their throats for state tests.

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