Monday, April 13, 2015

Zoo Day - A Bit Too Crowded and Too Bright

My husband and I went to the Cleveland Zoo yesterday.  In the morning, before we arrived, a parent dangled their little kid over the edge of the cheetah exhibit and the kid fell in!  Fortunately, the cheetahs did not bother coming near them, but what a stupid thing to do.  The zoo is charging them with child endangering and I'm glad about that!  (See News Article at WKYC Channel 3--some people actually blamed the zoo!)

We went in the afternoon since it was such a beautiful day!  The temperature was near 70 and the sun was shining so it was very comfortable.  I wanted my husband to shoot some short video clips of me recommending some animal books for my YouTube channel that I could edit into a video (Fast Five Animal Fiction Part 1).

Sounds easy, right?  Wrong!
  • First, it was SO crowded! we had a hard time finding a quiet place to line up the shot so Gerard could get both me and the animal in it. 
  •  Second, we managed to get a few done but the bears were disappointing.  Both Grizzlies were actually lying together in a dugout hole and no other bears were on exhibit.  
  • Third, The flowers weren't in bloom, there was lots of construction going on all over the zoo, including the giraffe exhibit so we we couldn't shoot the video I had planned by them.
  • Fourth, it was so bright that we really couldn't see the Flip camera screen outside to see if we had the shot lined up well.
The animals of the day though were the otters and I did manage to get a selfie of us in front of the elephants without being able to tell if it was on record or not.  We plan to go back again Friday when I have a day off to do some more.  I figure it will be much less crowded and maybe not so bright.  Some clouds would be appreciated.

Joining in Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop with the prompt:  Tell us about a local news story that's all a buzz in your neck of the woods right now.

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Sandee said...

Those parents should be in jail for child endangerment. I'm sure they will never get the parents of the year award.

Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the babies. :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I cannot believe that a parent would do that but I am thankful that God watched over the child and that they are being charged with child endangerment! Hope you have a great time at the zoo on Friday when you go back.

Summer said...

My human and I were horrified by that mother! I hope the judge throws the book (and a few other things) at her.

Lin said...

I'm glad you had a nice day at the zoo. I'm sure everyone had the same idea you did and that is why it was so crowded.

Some people should not be allowed to have children.

Maren said...

Sounds exactly like my last day at the zoo! Except for the part about dangling a child into a cheetah exhibit. I didn't get to do that. Poor kid! Hope you get back and have a great time.

Madamdreamweaver said...

Hopefully you can get back later in the spring when the flowers are out and maybe the Giraffe house is done? That'd be a cool place to get a shot--crowds permitting!

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