Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Street Smart Crime Prevention Tips--Part I

I am sharing notes I took at a seminar that Tim Dimoff (President and CEO of SACS Consulting and Investigative Services, Inc.) did at my place of employment last Friday.  He was in law enforcement, worked for the FBI and worked under cover with no weapons. He didn't give self-defense moves or tell us how to use weapons but he did tell us how to use our head to help prevent us from becoming victims of crime.

For instance, if you are driving home from work and stop at a light and a man with a gun jumps into your car from the passenger side and tells you to drive, what do you do? 
(a)  Argue with him
(b)  Cry
(c)  Do what he says
(d)  Floor the accelerator and drive into a pole or tree and wreck the car

The correct answer is d because then you changed his game plan.  He knows police will be called and respond and he has to get out of there.  The number one rule for crime prevention is NEVER EVER go to a new location with a predator because chances are you will be killed.

Awareness and Presence

Extend your circle of awareness when you walk.  Look around and be alert.  Do not look like a victim, unaware of your surroundings.  (I guess I shouldn't walk while reading on my breaks and at lunch downtown anymore.) 

If you think you are being followed, cross the street or change direction and look at the person you feel is following you.  Criminals do not like to be looked at.  They like the element of surprise.

Listen to what your gut is telling you and if you feel uncomfortable, head for light, people and noise. 

Criminals avoid victims who look like they will offer resistance, so stand tall, walk confidently, look around and make eye contact.  Do not get lost in electronics--(cell phones, Kindles, ipods).

Avoid parking next to vans.  If one is parked on your driver side, get in on the passenger side, lock the door and slide across the seat of your car. 

Do not let a stranger within 5 feet of you.  Maintain your personal space by backing up to increase the distance and just tell them to stop before they get too close. 

He said if you want to use a weapon, carry pepper spray rather than mace.  It is effective at a greater distance and you do not to be as accurate when aiming it.

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Beth Ann Chiles said...

Good tips. I know I am usually oblivious so it is good to read stuff like this to remind myself to be aware!

Sandee said...

Good advice. I'd add carry a gun, but then we are retired cops.

Have a terrific day. :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I have a concealed weapon permit and carry a hand gun and yes, I've already made up my mind to use it if need arises. Having a gun has saved my life once; I'm all about prevention and the snick of a round being chambered is the sweetest sound in the world, if the need arises.
Wasp spray is good at home...range is roughly 20 feet and sprays longer than mace or pepper spray. Too bad wasp spray doesn't come in smaller sized cans.

Ann in the UP said...

Great sensible tips. I'll never carry a gun, but I don't mind driving into a tree. Much.

Lin said...

Thanks, Karen. I've heard some of those before, so I'll be sure to add the new ones to my list of keeping me safe!

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