Friday, April 27, 2012

3 Things We Learned This Week 18 of 2012 (pets, books)

Friday Fragments is hosted my Half-Past Kissin' Time for bloggers to post a list of short things on their minds that aren't really enough for a whole post. We like to share what we've learned each week.
  1. Special Day

    Today is Hairball Awareness day! Spunky Doodle wanted me to be sure to let everyone know this important tidbit of information. Brush your cats daily to help prevent this messy little problem.
  2. Pet Food From China

    I learned to check packages of dog treats to make sure it's not from China after reading this article:  Vets Warn of New Treats From China Poisoning Dogs.  When I saw this it really got my attention because we give Abby "Better Than Pig Ears" and "the Canyon Creek chicken liver center:

    So far, the brands implicated are all made in China:
    • Beefeaters Sweet Potato Snacks for Dogs
    • Canyon Creek Ranch Chicken Yam Good Dog Treats (FDA has issued a warning on this product)
    • Drs. Foster and Smith (exact item not specified in the report)
    • Dogswell Veggie Life Vitality
    There was also speculation that the problem may also extend to pork products (pig ears) and cat treats made in China.
  3. North Korea

    Gerard read Nothing to Envy--Ordinary Lives in North Korea by Barbara Demick and what an eye opener it was! We are so fortunate to live here in the USA! One thing he learned that shocked him was that dogs in China eat better than doctors in North Korea! (p. 220)

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Hootin' Anni said...

After traveling...and seeing the way of living in foreign's ALWAYS an eye opener. We're spoiled here in America and we take everything that is good for granted.

Seems China is poisoning not only our paint/toys for their aiming their poison 'darts' to our pets!?!!! Oh hair balls....we call 'em GATO Vomito. LOL

Unknown said...

Wow - that's scary about treats from China... it makes me question getting anything from there... we don't have pets but thanks for the heads up!

Wayne W Smith said...

It is sad when others exploit the masses for profit.

Ann in the UP said...

Thanks for the good advice. I'm checking my cat treat bags right away.

Rebecca said...

Christians in North Korea are horribly persecuted. I just about foam at the mouth when I think of the injustice.

And OH the scam with China! The FDA does not inspect foods from China as sharply as they inspect domestic foods. How insane is that? Countries don't need standing armies anymore-- they can poison us to death and take over our national debt! Ugh!

On a brighter note- happy hairball awareness day! We're having a party! You probably don't want to know what's on the menu, LOL

BeadedTail said...

We won't buy treats made in China either. It's so scary what can happen. That book sounds pretty interesting. I just finished Night Road by Kristin Hannah. I loved that book!

Junk Drawer Kathy said...

I work with a woman who supports training for international business. She told me "Never eat anything produced in China." They simply don't have the oversight and regulation that the U.S. does. She said don't even eat simple candies wrapped in plastic that you think are harmless.

Mrs4444 said...

I was never good at brushing our pets regularly, but if I ever do get another cat, I will definitely be getting a Furminator brush. I have to disagree with her, though; I don't believe that brushing has any impact on dander. Dander is simply a breed thing, isn't it? Another great option might be to train your cat to enjoy vacuuming. Now that would be easy to keep up with! :)

That book sounds interesting.

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