Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Who Says Men Can't Shop?

Gerard came home from shopping one Saturday all excited with a real bargain. He found this nice $26 purple polo shirt at Penney's. Guess what he paid for it. Leave your guess in the comments. Here's a clue: It was a door buster sale item plus he had a $10 coupon.  The price and winner will be announced tomorrow.

What's the prize?  There is no prize, it's just for fun and of course if you have a blog, you'll get some link love.  

By the way, he really appreciated all the nice comments he received on the post about his mother:  Best Mom Ever!

UPDATED:  5/13/10:  The answer is $1.07.  Rebecca's guess was the closest.  She is a pro-blogger with 8 blogs!  She has her Freaky Frugalite blog which always has something interesting and is sort of a general one, a couple on New York, one on foods, two on technology with all sorts of computer help including tutorials and also she has one about renovating her 1855 home called the New York Renovator.  I've been to that blog but didn't realize it was hers too until I saw her about page where she listed them all.  Here's her link to it and congratulations on guessing the closest:  Rebecca, The Older Geek 

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Rebecca Mecomber said...

Way to go Gerard, YOU ROCK!!!

I'd guess that he paid.... 50 cents for it. :D (Not including tax). ha!

Sandee said...

I'll say 5 bucks. Good for him whatever he paid, because he sure looks happy about the purchase. That's all that matters.

Have a terrific hump day Karen. :)

BeadedTail said...

Great job Gerard! I'm going to guess $2. We don't have sales tax here so I'm not taking that into consideration either.

Rebecca Mecomber said...

Wow, I guessed closest!!!! All the guesses were good. We must be regular bargain bin gals!

Thanks for the mention and your kind words, Karen. :D

The Author said...

My late husband was a fabulous bargain hunter too just like Gerard. Congratulations to Rebecca. I admire the fact that she can write so many blogs and do such a great job at all of them. And here's to more good bargain shopping for Gerard.

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