Sunday, May 10, 2009

Things My Mother Taught Me and What I Miss

A mother is such a special, influential person in someone's life. My mom went to be with the Lord December 2, 1999 and I miss her. We were very close and I wish she were still alive, although it was always hard knowing what to buy her for Mother's Day. My mom and I always got along great, even through my teen years. We laughed a lot!

Things My Mom Taught Me:

How to subtract 9, 8 & 7 quickly and check subtraction by adding
How to make pumpkin pie
How to keep a scorecard for baseball
How to catch a ball
How to prioritize
How to memorize the books of the Bible
Don't take advantage of people
Give myself options in choosing courses
Do a job right
Share what you have with others
Don't judge people by their looks

How to play these games:

Mah Jong
(I taught her poker and Pinochle)

Things Mom and I Used to Do together:

Shop for clothes.
Watch the soap opera, "Guiding Light."
Watch sports on TV.
Attended Mother-Daughter Banquets.
Attended TOPS Awards Banquet.
Plan youth group meetings for church.
Work on crafts for Hobby Club.
My mom was overweight so very, very soft. Loved snuggling up against her and talking late into the night.
I'd bring her home library books and she'd read them in her old age.

One of the best gifts I gave her was a letter telling her how much she meant to me. It wasn't for any special occasion, just an assignment I had to do that was in an AWANA book I was working through, but it meant so much to her. I came across it when I was clearing out my dad's house after he died. She had saved it in one of her drawers. I wish I had saved it, but didn't. At that point I was just so tired of going through everything that I just wanted to get the job done and figured I didn't know where I'd put it anyway.

What do (or did) you do with your mom? What did your mom teach you? If you are a mom, what would you most want for Mother's Day? Today is Mother's Day and I wish everyone a happy day.


Daisy said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful relationship with your mom!

The Author said...

That was a beautiful and special tribute to your Mother.

Karen, & Gerard Zemek said...

Daisy, Yes, we had a very wonderful relationship, kind of like you have with yours!

Mountain Woman: She was a super mom, very intuitive. wise, nurturing and unselfish.

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