Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our Best Reads--Sophie's Heart and Adventures With Ari

Here are out best reads for May:

Karen's: Sophie's Heart by Lori Wick
Sophie's Heart is a contemporary, heartwarming Christian romance about a grieving widower and his three children who hire Sophie, a Christian immigrant from Czechoslovakia, to be their cook and housekeeper. It's a fun journey seeing how the family comes to love Sophie and how she slowly becomes more Americanized. Throughout the book, the author reveals Sophie's heart through her prayers and one can see what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ by reading this book. I enjoyed Sophie's interaction with her friends, her driving instructor, Alec but most of all with his children. It was refreshing to see how the oldest one, Rita, helped her instead of resenting her. This book gives great insight into what Christian living is all about!

Gerard's: Adventures With Ari by Kathryn Miles

Big Surprise--Wonderful Book! I really enjoyed it!

I went looking for a book at the library while waiting for a book I ordered to come in. First, the cover caught my attention. I thought, okay, just another dog book, but no! This is a wonderful book!! It's the story of Kathryn Miles, who you will grow to like very much, and of course, Ari, you will grow to love!! This book I enjoyed so much. One of the best parts is the interaction between Kathryn and Ari. It's so good. I also liked the month-by-month to see how Ari grows. Also you see the outside through Ari's eyes. All emotions are in play during this book. I hated to see it end. Don't miss a chance to read this one--it's wonderful! Hope Kathryn has another book in her. Two paws way up for Ari! I came away from this book with the feeling I just spent a week with a good friend. Karen read it too and liked it.

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Unknown said...

I am going to have to check those two out Karen. I am in the middle of reading 4 books right now and if that is not a trip in itself. But I am doing it, lol! I hope you guys are doing well, God bless.


Unknown said...

Oh by the way if I don't get to stop by here in the near future here, I am going to really be busy with this class for church for the next ten weeks, and I also think I am going to start serving at my church, just not sure in what area quite yet, so I'll be even busier, lol! Have a wonderful day sweetie, I hope all is well. God bless.


Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Hary" said...

Jodi: I generally only read one book at a time. That's nice your are getting more involved in your church. Thanks for the good wishes and taking time to comment. "Sophie's Hear" really goes quick.

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