Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tagged for 25 Random Things About Karen

(Me with some of my stuffed animals.)

1. I am very blessed having had Christian parents who were very loving and wise and a wonderful husband.

2. I am a Christian and seek to please God in all I do by always doing my best.

3. I used to be on a Bible Quiz Team as a teen and then coached some.

4. I started wearing glasses in first grade. My teacher noticed I couldn't see the board and that's why I was having trouble learning to read. I read a lot now!

5. I greatly enjoyed the following classes at Malone College--Psychology of Coaching, Psychology of Personality, Creative Movement.

6. I took swimming at Malone College too, but did not enjoy it--swimming for me is hard work. I think I forgot how. I don't enjoy it because I can't see at all without my glasses so I get a headache.

7. I was baptized the day the U.S. astronauts first landed on the moon which was when I was in 11th grade because I kept putting it off due to me fear of being dunked in the water.

8. I like all animals, even reptiles. I remember asking my mom to read to me from our Book of Knowledge encyclopedia set about snakes before I could read. I enjoy petting and playing with my two cats, Spunky Doodle and Manny very much!

9. I do not drive downtown because One way streets, no left turn signs and paying for parking really bug me.

10. My dad got me interested in photography and someday I plan to take a class or two. I enjoy taking pictures--I learned long ago if you are taking the picture, then you don't have to be in it! I never used to like having my picture taken.

11. Checkers was one of the first games I learned to play. I like playing games--all kinds! I prefer playing with humans, but video games on are the next best thing. Favorites on Pogo are Aces Up, Yahtzee Party, Word Womp, Scrabble, Canasta, Jungle Gin, Poppit, Checkers, Bowling and Bingo Luau.

12. I entered a typing contest and won a prize to a fancy French restaurant that I never used. I don't like fancy restaurants or dressing up.

13. I took German in high school and was at the top of the class, but only remember a very little bit.

14. I know shorthand--do they even teach that anymore?

15. I like things neat, but handy.

16. I've been in many bowling leagues over the years and even have some 1st Place trophies. I took bowling lessons at Carousel Lanes (torn down now) when I was a kid. Games used to cost 25 cents at the Bowl-o-drome where I actually started a church league. The first year, it was all teens with only one adult--it was a blast! I also like to play tennis and golf.

17. I worked for an insurance company for 8 years where a group of 5 of us used to play Pinochle at lunch M-TH and then go out to eat on Fridays for a 2 hour lunch. (We had a great flex time program there).

18. I love playing softball and played on work teams at Softball World. I also used to keep softball stats for the Wednesday night youth group pickup softball games and for the Men's church softball team.

19. I also was on a sand volleyball team from work that played at Softball World and won a 1st Place trophy in the Parma Heights Baptist Church volleyball league.

20. From the time I started attending church which was when I was in the nursery, I've missed maybe 4 Sundays that I remember and two of those were when church was canceled due to snow storms. The others was because I was sick.

21. I took piano lessons and my piano teacher told my mom that I could be a concert pianist--LOL! I have no passion for it at all and no natural music ability. I don't know what she was thinking. I never even liked playing for other people, just enjoy playing for myself sometimes.

22. I used to think it would be fun to be an actor in a soap opera.

23. I would like to visit Covenant House, Boys' Town, AWANA headquarters and a child I support through Children International one day because I donate regularly to these things.

24. I would like to be a volunteer at an animal shelter and maybe the zoo or after I retire. This is also when I plan to coach softball.

25. I wrote "My Funny Dad, Harry" in memory of my dad right after he died in 2007 and self-published it through It's available on and You can check out my other blog to learn more about him at

I'm not tagging anyone in particular because this is quite long, but if you wish to do it, go right ahead. I was tagged twice for this on Face Book so thought I'd post it on here.


Susan Cook said...

Great facts about you Karen. You seem to be a very active person! Keep up the good work!

Sandee said...

I learned a lot about you today. Excellent.

Have a terrific day. :)

BeadedTail said...

I had fun getting to know more about you! Thanks for sharing!

Rita T. said...

Wow, this is quite a list! I'm looking forward to reading your book about your dad someday. I just think you must have been a great daughter, judging by your respect for your dad in writing a book in his memory.

Anonymous said...

Nice getting to know you. You have a lot to be proud of! Your book looks fantastic and I plan to contact you about buying it.

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