Friday, February 27, 2009

9 Things I Learned in Week 8 of 2009


I learned a couple new things at Fitness 19. My trainer showed me a new shoulder exercise called iron cross that I didn't know before. It's good because it works your whole shoulder and varies the movement enough that I don't get so tired.

You weigh about three pounds heavier after you work out than when you start. It's crazy!

Help Available--Virtual Assistant

At Dwayne Dot Com I found out about a virtual assistant. I wish I had found this before I wrote "My Funny Dad, Harry" so am listing it here for anyone who may be interested in getting a virtual assistant to help with writing, proofreading, research, planning events, marketing, etc. (yes, I am going to contact her about helping me market my book online). You can visit her website at


I learned more about how to use Twitter and some tools that are available from My Tweet Plan of 2009 at Karlana's World. I learned you can schedule tweets and create some auto-welcome messages using Another cool tool that was mentioned in a link in this post was where you can search for a word and it lists a bunch of tweets that have that word and you can reply or follow right from there. UPDATED 4/17/09:I think is easier. Whoa, there is so much to learn!


I learned about a great decorating idea for rec rooms and at the same time making good use of games with missing pieces at Your Fun Family. Just use velcro and hang the game boards on the wall around the room.


In Entrecard's general chat forum, I learned from Selcom60 from What's On My Mind that even if you spend 30 minutes reading a blog, unless you click on something while you are there, it counts as a bounce. Now I don't feel so bad if I just drop my Entrecard and move on.

Cat Facts

From Daisy, the Curly Cat I learned cats have pockets! the slit on their ear is called a "Henrey's Pocket."

From my cat calendar I learned that Persian cats don't like to jump or climb but prefer to stay close to the ground instead. I found that to be interesting.

In The News

A sauce pan can be an effective weapon for protection. She should have locked her doors though! She'll tell you all about it on this video and you can also read about it at
Judge's wife serves up justice


The Author said...

Interesting post. I always enjoy learning more from you on Friday. I'm headed over to check out the Twitter information. I've been ignoring Twitter for the most part.
I never knew just reading a blog counted as a bounce. Wow, I wonder how many blogs are just considered "bounced."
Thanks for the great info.

Daisy said...

I did not know Persians do not like to jump or climb! That's one of my most favorite things to do - I'm always looking for ways to climb up on things.

Since I use TweetDeck, lots of times I will do a search for a specific phrase or item; it's really great!

Michelle said...

Wow, you've learned many useful things this week. I've been thinking about signing up for Twitter myself. Looks fun. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Oh I loved all the tips you shared in the Twitter section - I am enjoying Twitter very much but I know I am not using it to it's "fullest", definitely gonna check out those links, thanks!

Susan Cook said...

Great info. I'll check out the twitter stuff too.

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