All About Karen & Gerard

We are happily married and live in Parma, Ohio with two nice cats, Spunky Doodle and Manny. Our first cat, Moe, died 1/1/08 at age 15 1/2. I wrote "My Funny Dad, Harry" in memory of my father right after he died Feb. 16, 2007. We both enjoy reading, sports, and the zoo. I like playing games on (screen name is PlSwts), and participating in online forums. We both love Jesus Christ and trust Him as our personal Savior. I have received great joy from serving Christ in various ministries practically my whole life. I currently teach a 5th grade boys Sunday School Class and we're both on the puppet team at Parma Heights Baptist Church. Gerard likes working in the yard and cleaning the house. I do the banking and feed and care for our cats.
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(Lighting the Unity Candle picture taken by Mike Solomon)

Tidbits about Karen:
(1) I never liked reading until after I was married, then even wrote a book!
(2) I don't cook, never did, don't intend to start anytime soon. My husband married me anyway!
(3) I slept with stuffed animals my whole life (even after I got married) until we needed more space for the cat who joined us on the bed during the night. Cats rule, you know!
(4) I hate high heels, hard to run for buses in them!
(5) I was a Tom Boy growing up--always thought boys had it made and would much rather play with trucks or cars than dolls. Later loved sports rather than reading.

Tidbits about Gerard:
(1) I am the lone wolf, not big on socializing unless you want to talk about Boston sports.
(2) I am very afraid of needles.
(3) I like buying clothes and things for Karen.
(4) I like cleaning, even the basement weekly!
(5) I take Leo, our stuffed lion, along when I go places.
(6) My favorite show is the Bachelor, another topic I am willing to discuss.
(7) Used to be over 300 pounds in high school (FAT), now weight 138-140.

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