Friday, May 7, 2021

Our Worst Annual Checkup Ever!

Annual checkup time is always stressful and I'm glad it comes only once a year!  This time though, it was even worse than usual!

When I got weighed and the scale showed 143, I said WHAT?  That can't be right!  Granted, I did have on shoes that together weigh 3 lbs., corduroys and a turtleneck under my sweatshirt, but still.  That is a 13 pound difference than my weight at home wearing just my slippers and PJs.  This morning I tested our scale with my 10-lb. weight to see if it is accurate, and it is.  But then, I went ahead and got weighed fully dressed and oops--it showed 140!  Yikes!  Time to cut down on the desserts--the hostess ding dongs, the snowballs and the brownies.  I really don't know how I can possible be more active than I am already, other than playing pickleball three times a week in the mornings.  For that though, I need dry warmer weather consistently.   

The day after, I get a call from the hospital offering to schedule me for a catscan that my doctor ordered.  Again, WHAT!  He mentioned no such thing to me and no, I do not want to schedule one.  This call was so annoying to me because not only due to the content, but because it was a machine calling so I couldn't even talk to a real person.      

One thing we did learn is to always drink some water before going so they can draw blood easily for the lab work and the urine sample.  My husband hadn't drank enough which led to an additional trip to the outpatient building at the hospital after stopping at home to drink a lot of water to rehydrate.  Oh, what a nightmare!  To summarize, he had to wait over an hour and by then he really had to go bad.  Turns out the lab didn't even know he was waiting--something got screwed up when he checked in.  After they did find out, it still took them 20 minutes to get him in and by then he was afraid he'd wet his pants.  Fortunately, he didn't!      

Not only that, but my husband hates needles and in addition to his Pneumonia shot, was poked six times for blood, four at our doctor's office and twice at the hospital.  I felt so bad for him.  My husband only goes for these checkups because he knows I think it's important, but this trip was truly awful.  We spent 4 hours dealing with this annual checkup torture.  He's such a good guy!

On the bright side, there is some good news.  
    (1)  The doctor ordered him that Colonguard test to do at home so he doesn't have to have a colonoscopy!  
    (2)  My blood pressure was 120/80 which is amazing!  Retirement definitely agrees with me.  
    (3)  We got a one-year prescription for our pills that are keeping our cholesterol under control.

Do you go for annual checkups?  If not, don't let this stop you.  It is always helpful if things can be caught early that are wrong and prevention is worth it.  Next up is my annual mammogram.

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Brian said...

Going to healthcare places these days is no fun and always an ordeal. Glad you got some good news though.

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