Saturday, June 6, 2020

Hunting Success by Roxy

Image result for chipmunk images clip artMy mom calls me Wild Thing and Nutso sometimes when my wolflike-features arise.  I was so happy on my early walk yesterday and today because I finally actually caught my prey.  Yesterday I got hold of a chipmunk on the way to the park.  Mom was very mad that I went for the chipmunk even though I didn't actually kill it.  It ran away when I dropped it but mom said I was mean.  Then she reminded herself that God made me with these instincts and I was just doing what God made me to do.  I think she was mostly disappointed in herself for not protecting the little cute chipmunk better--after all, she was holding my leash.
I am so proud and happy!

I almost got a squirrel on the way home when I jumped up a tree at full height, but it managed to get higher before I got him.  Sorry no picture, mom didn't have her camera with her. 

Today, dad was holding the leash when I rummaged in the bushes and caught a sparrow!  That one I did kill.  Maybe I should be nicknamed killer, although I don't look mean, do I?

I felt like celebrating so when mom and dad went out for about an hour to play Pickleball, I went after mom's fury black slippers that were ontop of her dresser.  I had great fun tearing apart the one and was ready to start on the other when they came back and went crazy yelling at me calling me a very bad dog.  I didn't get pet by either one of them and both of them yelled at me and kept at it until dad finally decided to take me for a walk to the mailbox.  I am in big trouble now--I may need to find a new home.  Mom did say she was glad no screens were ruined, but that from now on I have to go in my den (cage) when they leave because I can't be trusted.

I only slipped up today.  She had those slippers there for a long time.  She got them after I tore up her other pair of slippers like these.  She mentioned something about them costing $70--they are Indian moccasins that she liked a lot.  I think she should let me have the other one too.  What good does just one slipper do her?

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Brian's Home Blog said...

You really are quite the hunter and yes, you should get the other slipper!

Summer said...

Yes, hunting is an instinct even for us domesticated critters! Although, I have to confess, my prey drive and abilities are really pretty bad!

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