Monday, February 17, 2020

I'm Learning That Going to the Vet is not a Good Thing by Roxy

My mom got an email saying it was time for my comprehensive exam.  This was my second trip to the vet since I got adopted last August and according to the scale, I gained 8 pounds pushing my total weight up to 74!  I really don't care, but my mom was not happy and took it very seriously.   

Yesterday when the temperatures finally got up to the mid 40s my mom took me on an exiting new walk that was about 1 1/2 hours.  I loved that, but then I learned I won't be getting six Busy Bones a week anymore.  When both my mom and dad go somewhere without me, they put me in my cage with a Busy bone and the yummy Wolf Wilderness frozen stew treat I love.  Today my mom read the Back of the Busy Bone bag and found out that for a 70 lb. and over dog, it should only get 3 a week.  Now I am only going to get ONE a week when they go to church on Sunday mornings and are gone almost three hours.  No more through the week when they just go to the Sr. Center for an hour exercise class.

My mom is actually happy about this because the bag is like $10 so now they will last much longer.  As you can see from my picture above, I am not fat.  I look forward to more long walks in new places with warmer weather coming soon.  I really like all the new sniffs when we go new directions.  I'll get those 8 extra pounds off in no time now that mom is cutting back on those busy bones.  I think I'm going to miss those.

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Brian said...

You look absolutely fine to me, no bones about it!

Summer said...

Bummer you won't be getting so many of those busy bones!

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