Saturday, January 4, 2020

Putting Old Helium Balloons to Good Use

Missed it!
I finally let out the air from two of my helium balloons this morning that I got from a couple co-workers when I retired. I did the first two and then before doing the last one, I tried pulling it down lower for Spunky Doodle to play with the string until it popped back up.
I'm going to get you, come back down here!

Got it that time!

Spunky:  This was something new for me and I liked it!  I wonder why mom waited so long to play it with me. There are two videos:  The first is just me playing and the second shows Roxy trying to play too (but I told her to scram).

Part 2 with Roxy too:

This may not seem like much, but Spunky Doodle used to play a lot and now she doesn't.  She is old now and mostly just lays in her bed by the heater or walks around a bit when she feels like it.  She does still go up on her cat tree if the sun is out to look out the window.

I really wish I had thought of this game sooner, but I am sharing it with you who have cats.  It's not the balloon she likes, but the string attached that doesn't stay down.  I hope you play with your cats as well.  Please share your favorite games in the comments.

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Brian's Home Blog said...

HA, silly us, we got scared like crazy over a helium balloon once, we thought the aliens invaded!

Summer said...

That looks like a fun game!

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