Monday, October 6, 2014

Browns Get Comeback Win But at what Cost?

Yesterday the Browns set a record for the greatest comeback ever in Browns History and for the greatest road comeback in the NFL!

I watched the Browns vs. Titans game yesterday but it was a game filled with penalties, to the point where both teams were getting penalties on the same play so they offset, rendering neither team penalized.  The biggest brouhaha came after Jake Locker (the Titans QB) ran the ball into the end zone scoring a touchdown.  Our player, Kirksey, hit him in the head with his forearm, making him woozy!  Fortunately, he came back in the game after being checked for a concussion. This was unsportsmanlike, and completely unnecessary roughness.   To top it off, the Browns didn't even lose any yards because the Titans started fighting sticking up for their QB and penalties offset.  Fighting continued after the extra point and on the next kickoff. 

Later, in the 2nd quarter, Jake was hit on a blitz and taken out of the game.  The Browns were behind 28-3 but came back to win 29-28.  The Titans didn't score anything the whole second half.  I just wonder if they would have won had Jake Locker remained in the game.  Players get hurt enough in football just because of the natural roughness of the game.  There has to be respect for the opposing team and I hope the Browns do not become a team known for bullying.  To me, this win is bittersweet. 

I liked Hoyer's concern for the fans when he said:
“Hopefully none of the [the fans] are in the ER right now,” Hoyer quipped.

His coach might be headed there, though.

“I have an EKG scheduled for tomorrow,” Mike Pettine said, “because my heart can’t take many more of these.” 

I know Browns fans would be in an uproar if things were reversed, and this had happened to our QB, Brian Hoyer, instead.  Yet in the coverage, it seems this episode is being completely overlooked.  From the players celebrating in the locker room, to the post-game interviews with the head coach, to the Twitter comments from Browns fans, no one even mentions this.  I seriously hope this kind of behavior does not fall into an acceptable "just part of the game" category.  Intentionally hurting other players should NOT be "part of the game."   

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BeadedTail said...

It's awful when players start bullying the other team or trying to intentionally hurt the players. There should be zero tolerance for that!

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