Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday Sharing: How Great God Is!

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Last Sunday the boys in my Sunday School class were bringing up some good points and actually asking some good questions related to the lesson which was about the problem of sin, the origin of sin, which led to Satan, consequences and God's greatness, power and love.  (Yes, we cover a lot in one lesson.)   The thing is as I was doing some digging during the week to follow up on some points that were brought up, one was this verse:

He counts the stars and names each one. -- Psalm 147:4
This led me to read all of Psalm 147, then Psalm 148, then Psalm 149 and Psalm 150--all chapters about God's power, greatness and plain amazing awesomeness.  It was a special time of private worship.  I couldn't help but break into singing "To God Be The Glory."  Let every thing that has breath praise the Lord!

This is another good one too that I thought of later:

I encourage you to read these Psalms and be reminded of how truly wonderful God is! What scripture highlight did you come across last week? 

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Unknown said...

Amen! We serve a Great God. There is no other!!!

Karen, author of MY FUNNY DAD, HARRY said...

For sure! Thanks for commenting.

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