Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Join Us At The Cleveland Zoo

The zoo is always fun, especially if you like seeing the animals! Right off, a dinosaur greeted us (animated, of course. During the summer, there is a special dinosaur exhibit that costs a little bit extra to get in ($2 for members.

I'd have to say the animal of the day was the meerkats--there were six of them and all were busy! Plus they are so cute too. A close second were the Grizzly bears. Even the tiger was awake and in a good mood--even posed nice and smiled for the camera! The animals are much more lively on cooler days than on hot days of summer. The temperature was in the 60s on the days we took this video.

I tried to show some of the interactive things that the kids enjoy. In the rainforest is a machine where you can easily create a conservation poster.  Here is the one we made.  On warmer days, the playground up by the Primate, Cats & Aquatics building is crowded with young children and their parents.  There are some donkeys, goats and sheep that you can pet for free with soap and water close by.

One little boy was having a great time jumping down the stairs in the rainforest.  There are lots of snacks available throughout the zoo too, including Ben & Jerry's ice cream by water fowl lake.

The most popular fun spot though for kids I would have to say is the Yabba Tree House.  To enter, you walk across a swinging bridge and then there are things to play with like a cannon and a ship wheel.  The animated crocodile by the waterfall is very realistic and there are some small exhibits in there too as well as curving staircases.  It's pretty high up so there is also a nice view.

When was the last time you went to the zoo?  Hope you enjoyed our video!  Do you have a favorite animal?

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Sandee said...

You two sure enjoy the zoo. It's been years since I've gone and that was when we took our granddaughter to the Oakland Zoo. My favorite zoo is the San Diego Zoo.

Have a terrific day. Scritches to all the babies. ☺

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