Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Sharing: "I Give You Peace"

Continuing reading the gospel of John this week, the highlight of the week was yesterday because I had just discovered that I forgot to bring my purse home from work on Friday when I went for the check I wanted to cash!  This was upsetting because my checkbook was in it but also my bus tickets.  I needed a bus ticket for to get to work on Monday.  Now, I was upset not only because I forgot to bring it home, but that now I had to DRIVE to my work on a Saturday morning to retrieve my purse.  I really hate driving downtown because of the traffic, one-way streets, no left turn signs and bus lanes only.  It's a nightmare.

 So, I was very upset with myself and thinking when am I going to go?  We have our normal Saturday run around stuff and Abby's walk before visiting the nursing home but I knew the sooner I go and get it, the sooner I'll be able to enjoy my weekend.  But first, I had to get into the Word of God and look what verse I read:

I give you peace, the kind of peace that only I can give.  It isn't like the peace that this world can give.  So don't be worried or afraid. --John 14:27
Driving on the highway makes me nervous but I was in a hurry so decided to go that way.  At least early on a Saturday morning, there is not much traffic at all!  I got downtown pretty quick.  That was actually the easy part.  Downtown Cleveland is not a fun place to drive to because parking is so hard to find.  I thought surely, I'd be able to park on the street early on a Saturday morning and just run in and out quick but guess what . . . nope!  All the spots were taken, even by the parking meters, unless I wanted to chance parking in a tow away zone which I did not.  I ended up in our parking garage.  The automatic thing buzzed, a ticket popped out that I took, and up went the arm for me to go in.

I was alone in the parking garage and had to park on the 2nd level because all the first level were reserved spots.  I quickly went to my floor and got my purse which took me maybe 15 minutes round trip.  When I went to the elevator to return to the parking garage, I couldn't find the button to call for the elevator.  It looked like a fire alarm thing but then three men came who pressed the small button way at the bottom and the elevator came.  I rode up with them and followed them out. 

I stuck my ticket stub in the machine and was shocked to see parking there cost me $3.50 for just 15 minutes (or less)!  I had figured it would be $1 or 2 which I had that ready.  I used my credit card instead, the arm went up while I was trying to get my card put away and the window up, my seat belt back on (which I had taken off because it's too hard to reach out the window with it on) and switch back to drive and out I went.  I didn't know how long that arm would stay up so rushed as fast as I could because I didn't want to have to pay any more. Oops, guess what I forgot--my receipt.  I just hope my credit card number wasn't all on it.  Usually now receipts only show the last four digits--I hope that's true in this case.  I'm going to check online now and tomorrow just to make sure no strange charge is on it.

I got back home a little before 9 a.m. and the rest of our day went well.  

God did give me peace about this and I quit beating myself up about being so forgetful by the time I got home.  Even though paying $3.50 to park was aggravating to me, I realized there's nothing I could do about that, it's over and done so just let it go which is what I did. 

I thought it was pretty cool to be reminded of God's peace just when I needed it!

What would you say was your scripture highlight for the week?  I'd really love to hear it so please share in a comment.

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Hootin' Anni said...

I really dislike parking garages!!! They're scary, to 'vocal'...the echoes of my footsteps are even eerie enough to make my imagination run wild. Maybe I've watched too many horror movies in my time. LOL And then, having to drive OUT of them is a challenge. Phobias galore. [I like driving early in the morning with less traffic too]

Kara said...

Oh Karen. So frustrating! I hope the rest of your weekend got better! :/

Last week, Beth Moore talked about remembering that we are holy in God's sight. And to remember that the enemy wants us to think that the things we do and say can make us lose face in front of God. Which is a lie! God loves us dearly. Then yesterday, I heard an awesome sermon about remembering that Jesus is our Beloved and how wonderfully He cares for us. We read out of Song of Solomon 5. Then we sang the hymn "O Thou in Whose Presence". Do you know that hymn? It's lyrics are so beautiful. Look it up if you don't. It was so encouraging to me and hopefully will do the same to you! :)

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