Monday, March 7, 2011

Do You Like Any Of These Styles?

I could never be a fashion designed because usually whenever I see new styles, I think “ugh.” These are good examples that I saw in the PLAIN DEALER February 27 (for better pictures check out the actual article, At New York Fashion Week Techno Fabrics Morph Old Shapes Into Something New:

1) This dress looks like a Halloween costume for someone who wants to look like Cousin It from the Addams Family TV show.

2) This one makes me think of Star Trek.

3) This is the only I would want to wear at all but think it would be better in a brighter color. I don’t like this color at all!

4) I think this one is just plain goofy—I don’t like anything about it!

5) Now this one really looks UGLY! It looks very bulky and the plaid is not at all attractive for a jacket. It said “this coat stood out as stunning and wearable” but those words do not come to my mind when I see this.

6) I like the solid red color of this one, but I hate those sleeves! They are way too big and I don’t like any three-quarter sleeve much anyway. It looks like it may be a tiny jacket that could be removed.

7) This shawl collared jacket just doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t like it.

8) This feathered fox coat I think looks pretty nice, but I don’t care for the feathered look. I like things even at the bottom like normal.

Which of these styles do you actually like? What’s with no smiles on the models? They all have pouty puss faces on. Maybe they weren’t so thrilled with these outfits either! I know I am “C&C” when it comes to style: Classic and Comfortable. This quiz just confirmed it:

Your Style is Classic

You want clothes that will stand the test of time, and you're willing to invest in quality pieces.

You don't fall for trends, and you don't change your style very often.

You know what looks flattering on you, and you stick to it. People can count on you to be well dressed.

When you want to change things up, you'll experiment with some color and accessories. You know a little goes a long way.

Take the quiz and share your results in the comments.

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Rebecca said...

Ick. I know what you mean about "fashion." I think designers just see how far they can push the limits. In 17th century France, it was the 3-foot white wig. One very famous socialite wore such a wig to impress her friends. At a party, her hair reached up to the chandelier and promptly caught fire! Fashion is dangerous! lol

I wear knit clothing and comfy flannel shirts. I like to study history, and I read that one ofthe reasons for people's very poor health and early deaths in the 13th to 18th centuries were from the very restrictive clothing, especially corsets and bustles. Makes ya think.

Lin said...

How come you scribbled out all of their faces??? That made me laugh.

I like fashion. I like the wacky stuff that leads to watered-down versions at our stores. I like funky and fun. I really like buying fun stuff for Em who has a model's body. I am secretly jealous that I'm too old and chunky to pull any of that stuff off.

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