Thursday, July 2, 2009

How Do You Decide What To Read Next?

Gerard finds his books through the newspaper or magazines, usually choosing new books or popular books. If he comes across a book he thinks looks interesting, he'll look it up on Amazon and read the reviews. If it has a lot of good reviews, then he'll try ordering it through the library. Sometimes, if he's waiting for the books he requested to come in, he'll browse the shelves at the library.

I, however, use a variety of ways including just browsing shelves in the library, getting recommendations from Shelfari and Amazon, or coming across other authors promoting their books on the Internet.

How do you decide what to read next?


Daisy said...

My Mommie also enjoys browsing at the library. Believe it or not, she just read a review on a blog about an author named Scott Sigler and just got his books called Infected and Contagious. If you like Stephen King sort of books with a little bit of sci fi and some good characters, you should try them!

Tina Kubala said...

Most often, I read books as they come to hand. My mom and my best friend both share books with me, plus most of my book buys are book fairs and second hand, so it's a surprise. Very seldom do I "go after" a book, but when I do, I'll put everything else aside to read it.

Tina T said...

I like to use the suggestions on Amazon, they have quite a history on me by now, so their suggestions are usually pretty good.

My favorite method was my neighbor who seemed to read every new book of value and would pass them all along to me when she was done. Too bad we don't live next door to each other any more.

Sharkbytes said...

Ha- I have a box full of free or very cheap books I've picked up at sales or book exchanges, etc. Then I work at reading my way through the box. Only occasionally do I let myself buy a book. But I have an Amazon wish list that sometimes nets me a gift at Christmas.

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