Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Foolish Things--Gerard's Goofs

Gerard's Stupid Things:
He doesn't have as many and they don't come close to mine so I combined all his together in this one post.

Scenario 8: Out With the Garbage
He has accidentally thrown out the cat's pooper scooper several times.
What he learned: Let Karen clean the litter boxes.

Scenario 9: TV Viewing
He sometimes tries to change station in the dark and will accidentally hit a wrong button that totally goofs up the TV and then calls me to fix it.
What he learned: Turn on a light.

Scenario 10: Locked Keys In Car--Twice
One time there was a big snow storm and since my bus would be late, he decided to just leave the car in the parking lot at the corner by my bus stop for me and he would just walk home from there. It was a good plan because he wanted to get the snow shoveled before I got home, but he locked the keys in the car and so couldn't get in the house either. He just waited outside until I finally got there and he was just about frozen. This happened again recently but fortunately, the snow was gone and the temperature was up near 60.
What he Learned: Either use the key to lock the car door instead of the button on the door or carry the house keys separately from the car keys.

Scenario 10: Oh, NO, Someone Stole My Car!
Gerard parked his car on the street one day in front of our house. He was busy watching the Red Sox game and I decided to go to the store quick. Since his car was already out, I just took it but didn't tell him I was going. I figured since he was watching the game, I'd be back before he knew it. Wrong. He happened to look out the window while I was gone and didn't see his car. He immediately jumped to the conclusion that someone stole it and got all upset. He even went outside and started yelling. The neighbor up the street that he works with came over and tried to calm him down. I got back as they were talking and he starts yelling at me for not telling him I was taking his car.
What I learned: Always let Gerard know if I'm taking his car somewhere.


Daisy said...

I think number 8 was a very convenient mistake! Hahahaha!

The Author said...

Karen, I have to admit I share some of Gerard's traits. I've lost my car once when it was right there, I've locked my keys in the car and I change the remote in the dark. Maybe great minds think alike :)

Jude said...

Thanks for the chuckles Karen sorry they were at Gerards' expense.

Junk Drawer Kathy said...

I hate laughing at these (feel a little guilty), but boy, those are some doosies! My husband once left his car running all night long. He had turned it on to warm up, then forgot he was going to go somewhere with it. In the morning, there was still gas in the tank and no one stole it. They could have easily taken it. Unlocked doors, key in the ignition, and REALLY toasty inside!

Thank you for sharing. It makes us not feel so bad.

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