Sunday, September 1, 2019

"Back to Church Sunday" is a Real Thing!

Our new Pastor at Parma Heights Baptist Church told us that September 15 is "National Back to Church Sunday."  I never heard of it before and thought it was just some idea he came up with, so, I googled it.   Lo and behold, it's actually a real thing!

The idea is to try to get people who have dropped out of church for one reason or another to come and give it another try on that Sunday or for those who never stepped foot inside of a church to come that week.  We actually have invitations to give to people and even t-shirts are available for $7!  I think that's pretty funny.  My husband wants to get one, but I think it's silly since I already attend every week anyway.

Have you ever heard of this before?  Are you going?  If you are in Cleveland or its suburbs, I invite to to join us on Sunday, September 15 or attend a church near you.

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Brian said...

We sure wish more humans would get back in the groove.

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