Saturday, January 16, 2010

Review and Preview of Our Favorite Sports Teams

Here is a rundown of our views on our favorite Cleveland, Boston, Detroit teams and Ohio State and Duke:


Cleveland Indians:

What's wrong with my Wahoos? Had a terrible year. Got off to their usual slow start. Then, traded Cliff Lee, a Cy Young Award winner and got nothing back in return. POOF! At least Wedge was fired but then they hired Acta, manager of the worst team in National League. POOF AGAIN! Outlook for 2010: VERY BAD. Sorry, tribe fans! (by Leo the Lion)

Boston Red Sox:

I got to see almost all of the Red Sox games this year and I loved it thanks to DirectTV! Had some very exciting games and were the American League wild card. Outlook for 2010: Have good pitching, now need some offense! (by Gerard)


Ohio State Buckeyes:

They are in the Rose Bowl! That's good but could have easily went undefeated too. Twice they lost games they had no business losing. Outlook for 2010: VERY GOOD! (by Gerard)

Detroit Lions:

They still stink. Also, did not win football pool once this season! POOF! Only highlight for me was seeing the Lions win on the last play of the game against the Browns even after the time ran out! Ha, ha! At lesat Penn State had a good year. (by Leo the Lion)

Cleveland Browns:

Although their record is poor and they struggled along most of the season, the good news is they beat the Steelers! That is HUGE! It's been a long time since they've done that. They are finishing out the season strong with 3 wins in a row and possibly four if they win tomorrow. Even when they lost, most games were close and they never quit! They certainly have improved along the way. Outlook for 2010: OPTIMISTIC and HOPEFUL! Check out what I think about Josh Cribbs: Ignorance Is Bliss--Better Not to Know How Much Others Make(by Karen)

New England Patriots:

They made it back into the playoffs. Good to see Brady back. Outlook for 2010: BRIGHT! (by Gerard)



We all enjoy Duke! The Cameron Crazies are the best fans going. Look for them to go far in March Madness. (by Gerard)

Boston Celtics:

When all the players are healthy, they are a top team. (by Gerard)

Cleveland Cavaliers:

They are looking good and on a roll! Since I got this nice shirt for Christmas, I am more interested in how they are doing and have started following them more. Outlook for 2010: VERY GOOD! (by Karen)


Boston Bruins:

What a way to start the year! The winter classic at Fenway Park, WOW! I love watching the Bruins! Outlook for 2010: ROAR!


Karen and I enjoyed playing a lot of tennis last year and we even got to play one day in November! She was glad to be able to play again after having a lumpectomy in September. It really is good exercise and fun! (by Gerard)

None of our teams won any championships but the drama and suspense make sports so much fun to watch! Always remember to be a good sport!

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BeadedTail said...

It's great that you have so many teams to follow! Our Kansas City Chiefs had a horrible year - again! But, they did beat the Steelers and Denver - YAY! Our local college team, Oregon State Beavers, went to the Las Vegas Bowl and lost and the team down the road, Univ of Oregon Ducks, went to the Rose Bowl and well, you know how that turned out. Hope all of our teams do better this year!

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Beaded Tail: When we were doing the office pool, I would pretty much bet against the Chiefs and win on that one. They were bad like our Browns (almost). We watched the Rose Bowl. I thought Ducks was an odd name for a football team--didn't realize at the time it was one of your teams. It's fun to find out who other bloggers' sports teams are. At least if ours get beat by them then, we can be happy for a blogger friend.

The Bumbles said...

Did I tell you that we went to the Winter Classic at Fenway? It was awesome. Photos are on our blog here.

Anonymous said...

Ok, seriously this was like reading a list of ALL of my Dad's favorite teams! Weird!

Mrs4444 said...

A love for sports is a great thing to have in common, since you can have fun year-round. I don't share any of your team loyalties, but I get it :)

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