Saturday, July 26, 2014

My Loving Husband Surprises Me Again!

My husband surprised me this morning with a new shirt.  The first I saw it was when we went on our early morning walk together with our dog.  This one really made me feel good!

Isn't he sweet?

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Vet Visit For Spunky Doodle - Good News and Bad News

Chunky Spunky at 13 lbs, March 2010
Jan. 2014 (perfect weight) when we started using the feeder toy to slow down her eating to keep her from regurgitating her food.

Spunky Doodle had to go to the vet today for her regular comprehensive exam and routine vaccines.  It's so hard to find the right amount of food to give her to keep her weight where it should be. I think I need to give Manny more to eat too because he's looking pretty thin as well.   In 2010 Spunky was way overweight, then I finally got her at 10 lbs, her perfect weight, but now she has lost too much.

Good News:
Today I am Skinny Spunky, just 7 lbs.
Spunky gets to eat more often because she lost too much weight now  (Spunky liked hearing this!)  I see more salmon and sardines in her future.  I knew she looked too thin!  No wonder she's always hungry, she's not getting enough to eat!

Her heart is strong, no arthritis, and clear lungs.

She was very good at the vet and even let them pet her furry stomach.

She got out of getting those shots today.

UPDATE 7/22/14:  Her blood work and stool sample results came back good!

The bad news is:

She has an ear infection in her right ear.  That means I have to squirt in some ointment once a day for 21 days! 

We have to go back again in 21 days to see if she's gaining any weight from just being fed more food.  Hopefully she will and there are no other problems.  The ear infection should be cleared up by then too so she can get her shots then.

Going to the vet is so stressful and expensive.  Just the trip today without even the vaccines was over $300, but Spunky is worth it to us.  We hope to have her with us for another ten years!

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Happy Birthday to Spunky Doodle

This is Spunky Doodle's 10th Gotcha day so time to celebrate!  She is still spunky, living up to her name.

Mom says since I have pretty much outgrown toys but love to eat and hunt for food, she has a  special treat for me today.  Maybe she'll finally let me have some of Abby's dog food!  Or, maybe she'll actually share her ice cream with me.  I don't know what it is but maybe you could help me guess.  What do you think my special treat will be?

You WILL share your special treat with me, won't you?
I got my special treat for lunch:  Salmon juice and bits of salmon--yummy!

I LOVE this juice!

Manny managed to get a little too!

Thanks, Spunky.
Abby got to lick the bag.
When we got back from playing tennis, we found the recycle can knocked over and the Salmon package separated from the rest of the stuff. 
Guess the cats wanted more!
See other cats in this Feline Friday meme.

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Now I'm Excited About The Browns This Year!

The Browns announced today that they will have a live dog lead the team on the field.  I am so happy that they finally are going to have a real dog for a mascot.  It's name is "Swagger" and it is a bull mastiff.  Looks like a pretty sad dog, don't you think?

Cleveland Browns to Feature Bullmastiff Named 'Swagger' as New Mascot
Read all about it here:  Real Animal to Lead Browns Onto Field 

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Friday, July 11, 2014

7 Benefits of Raspberries--Eat Up!

I like raspberries so I was happy to see they have many benefits such as:

  1. They are low in sugar and high in Vitamin C.
  2. They contain Maganese which protects against bone demineralization.
  3. They contain Omega-3 fatty acids which fight inflammation, increase calcium absorption and help to maintain bone density.
  4. They contain anthocyanins (flavonoids) that help improve brain function.
  5.  Because they contain ellagic acid:
  6. They promote neurological health.
  7. They help to prevent cancer--it can actually kill cancer cells!
  8. They prevent wrinkles and inflammation associated with too much sun exposure.
When I was a kid, the neighbors behind our garage had a raspberry bush and they would come through the fence.  I remember eating those and liking them.  We will definitely be including raspberries on my shopping list.  How about you?
Source:  "Build Your Bones With This Berry Delicious Summer Treat" by Vivian Goldschmidt, M.A.

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