Friday, October 28, 2016

Fun in Cleveland--Go Tribe!

My Newest Indians Shirt from my Husband!
Finally the Cleveland Indians made it into the post-season and get to play the Cubs in the World Series!  It is so exciting to watch this team with a good mix of guys.  It reminds me of the 1995 team with walk-off wins, a lot of great defense, good pitching and good hitting.  You just never know who will have the clutch hit.

I think Lindor is my favorite player because I love his fun attitude and outstanding plays.  It's also fun to see him steal bases and is just an all-around good player who obviously loves the game.  He reminds me of Omar Vizquel who also was my favorite player when he was with the 1995 team.

It's also nice that I get to wear Indians shirts to work on certain game days in the post season.  The Cubs are good too and I would be pulling for them to win IF they were playing anyone other than the Indians.  

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Happy 19th Wedding Anniversary to Us

Wait, we’ve been married 19 years? Wow, time flies but then when we think about it, a lot has happened through those years. This is the first year we are not together on our wedding anniversary and it seems odd and kind of sad. We exchanged cards this morning and Gerard got me a new Indians cap because mine was very faded and a fancy Indians t-shirt. Yes, I much prefer these to flowers which only last a week. After being married 19 years, he knows me well.

Oh, back to why we are not spending this day together. It’s quite simple actually, pets rule! I finally decided to get Manny his dental and we wanted Dr. Walker who was not available today, so we scheduled him tomorrow. Of course, Gerard could have dropped him off and picked him up without me, but I wanted to be there for him.

We will be together though to celebrate tomorrow. We plan to go to the zoo in the morning, have a little picnic lunch with McDonald’s, look through some old pictures to stroll down memory lane together and maybe play some tennis or Pickleball, watch a movie and of course enjoy time with our pets (even though Manny will be at the vet most of the day).

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Our Neighborhood Mystery is Solved!

Pickleball courts in Parma, Ohio
I posted not too long ago about a mysterious building project next to the tennis courts right in our neighborhood and now it is done.  Parma replaced the basketball courts with two Pickleball courts.  I think we were the first to play on them. 

Pickleball is a recreational game for all ages and is kind of a combination of tennis, ping pong and badminton.  Game goes to 11 points but you have to win by 2 and you only score when you serve.  You must serve underhand using a whiffle ball and what look like giant ping pong paddles.  The court is smaller and there is a no-volley zone called the "kitchen" which is the green part on either side of the net.  Players are not allowed in the kitchen unless the ball bounces in that area.  In that case, they can go in to hit the ball but must get out right after they hit the ball.  You serve to the opposite box as in tennis; however, you must let the ball bounce at least once on each side before you can hit it on the fly (volley it).

There is a possibility of Parma Heights Baptist Church offering Pickleball in their Sports Camp next summer.  If so, I'll be coaching that!  I'm much better at Pickleball than I am at basketball.

For history of the game and more, check out

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Friday, July 22, 2016

VBS at Parma Heights Baptist Church Rocks!

I always enjoy spending my vacation helping with Vacation Bible School at Parma Heights Baptist Church because it is so much fun, and so BIG, and so well organized!  Once again, we had another fantastic week and kudos to our two summer interns, Ben and Camilla, who helped with so much to make it great for the children.  Thanks to them (and the help of the youth group), the church hallways were transformed into what looked like a deep sea aquarium.

Not only did they head up planning all the decorations, but they also took on the job of scientists, conducting amazing experiments in our lab for grades 4-6.  We had over 800 children attend through the week and over 180 workers each day.  The children brought in $1,780 for the Chain of Love orphanage in Brazil and $1,134 worth of hygiene products for our youth to take with them on their missions trip next week to assist in Indianapolis. 

I was especially blessed helping in the fourth grade group by being a small group leader of nine very energetic, enthusiastic and cooperative boys.  In our small group time, we help the kids memorize the daily verses, review the Bible story and emphasize personal application.  The verses were not the same ones we usually have that so many are already familiar with so I was very pleased that all the boys in my group made an effort to learn them each day.  Even new ones who came on Tuesday, also said Monday's verse to help our team stay in first place.

Two highlights for me in our small group time was when one of the boys said he wanted to pray to receive Jesus as his Savior and I was able to pray with him one on one.  It is not enough to just know that God loves us and Jesus died in our place to save us from the punishment we deserve for our sins.  Each one must accept his gift of eternal life by asking forgiveness, and trusting in Jesus as his/her personal Savior, thanking him for dying for them and be willing to live for him by obeying his word with God's help.

The second highlight was when we applied Psalm 28:7 in our small group by asking the Lord to help us all memorize that verse which is:  
The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me.  My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him.
When I first saw it, I thought the boys won't be able to do it and that's exactly how they felt when they saw it too!  (I let them know I felt the same way.)  It was unfamiliar to all of us, but the Lord answered our prayer and each one did learn it!  After that, the boys were so encouraged and amazed they did it, they were ready to go all the way and learn the last two of the week as well.  Some were not used to memorizing verses and were really surprised when they were able to do it!

I think what made this small group so special was the chemistry they had.  All were included and as more came the second day, they were welcomed in with our special "green turtle chest bump" greeting that the boys came up with on their own.  I encouraged this and they definitely wanted to help each other succeed in memorizing the verses.  It was great to see them helping and encouraging each other.

The over 8,000 homemade cookies were a wonderful treat!  It's nice having so many people in our church who actually like to bake and cook! 

Praise be to God for a great week!  It was a LOT easier than sports camp and much less draining!  My husband enjoyed helping in the 4s and 5s group where they had around 100 kids, but said the songs got on his nerves after the second day.  (He is sitting on the floor in front of the camera on the puppet pic in the video.)

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Happy Gotcha Day, Spunky Doodle!

We've had Spunky Doodle 12 years now and I am pleased to report that she is eating well again and is almost over her ear infection.  She has a bit of arthritis and the vet said there is some medicine I could sprinkle on her food that would help with that; however, I wanted to wait for the ear infection to be gone first.  I hesitate putting anything on her food in case she doesn't like it because then it may cause her to refuse to eat.  Has anyone else tried doing this for their cat?  

We brought Spunky in as a second cat when she was just a kitten.  She was born in May actually to one of the strays that hung out at my dad's home.  There were four in the litter but I was attracted to Spunky, not just because she was so cute but also very brave.  I saw her trying to climb the tree in front of my dad's house and thought she was very brave and adventurous.  I couldn't bear the thought of her having to live outdoors through a Cleveland winter so on July 17, 2004, I brought her home and took her to PetSmart for her shots.

rolling in the driveway weeds at my dad's house as a kitten

Stretching out on my desk in 2004
 Spunky has brought laughter into our home ever since!  Happy Gotcha Day, Spunky!

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