Thursday, January 21, 2010

10 Things We Do To Fight Off Boredom (Writer's Workshop)

Here is a list of ten things that both Gerard and I do to fight off boredom:

10. Rearrange furniture, our drawers, or a closet.

9. Pull some weeds in the warm seasons or knock down icicles from the gutters in the winter.

8. Watch a good movie (Hallmark and Lifetime channels), show (Friday Night Lights, The Bachelor, Survivor, The Biggest Loser) or sporting event on TV (football, basketball, hockey, baseball).

7. Read comments and participate in on-line forums at, Shelfari, Book Blogs, Readers & Authors and My Space.

6. Go to the zoo.

5. Read a book (What have you read lately?).

4. Blog: Explore new blogs, write a blog post or make an entertaining video.

3. Exercise.

2. Go play tennis.

and, of course,

1. Play with our cats or take the dog for a walk or to the park.

Which of these do you do? Any other suggestions? For a laugh, check out the list of things my dad used to do to keep from being bored at my other blog: "My Funny Dad, Harry." I bet that will give you some new ideas of things to do.

This post has been brought to you by Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. Head over there to find more or join in yourself.

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Anonymous said...

My husband is always rearranging furniture when he's procrastination something. It drives me nuts!

Jenners said...

I love rearranging furniture! It drives everyone in the house nuts but I think it keeps things from getting stale. And someday, I know I will find the perfect arrangement for each room.

Maureen said...

Great list there, I too love to 'clean' drawers when I'm bored. Reading always works for me too also blog-walking. You have a really nice blog :)

Sandee said...

Pretty much all of them. Well, except play with cats because we don't have any cats. I don't pull weeds either. I hate yard work. I'd add one more...wait for spring.

Have a terrific day. :)

Melissa said...

I love zoos, wish there was one closer to me. Good list!

The Bumbles said...

No matter how bored I am, I cannot imagine it would ever cross my mind to pull weeds or knock off icicles! If I'm that bored, I'd just go back to bed ;0)

Sandra said...

Oohhh... I LOVE REARRANGING furniture!!! Makes me feel like I've moved...without the expense!!!

dtbrents said...

I'm never bored. I watched a movie today I saved from the Halmark channel. The call of the Wild. A good movie.Then there's always housework for me to do. I wish we had a zoo closer to us. We have to go to Little Rock. Have a blessed week, Doylene

Homestay Mama said...

I don't have time to be bored! I'm always running to catch up with all the tasks on my To-Do list! I think a little down time with nothing to do sounds heavenly!

Two years ago after I broke my wrist I couldn't do a whole lot for about 2 months. So I spent most of that time reading my Bible and praying. Looking back now, I realize how much of a blessing those months turned out to be.

Mrs4444 said...

I would add "volunteer" to the list :) and say that I am way too busy to be bored yet :)

The Author said...

I also read books and watch television but I love to listen to music and dance around the house. If I'm really bored and in danger of eating the entire refrigerator, I'll make myself get on the treadmill.

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