Sunday, June 16, 2019

A Special Saturday Visitor

Who is laying on our chair?
After I finished watching a movie yesterday, I saw a big black cat lying on our chair on the porch and let Spunky Doodle see it too!  She watched it quietly from the window until it left.  I don't know ho long it was there, but was happy it chose our porch to rest on.  I thought about going outside to get a better shot, but didn't want to scare it off.  I hope it comes back again some time. 

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Saturday, June 15, 2019

You Never Know What You'll Find at the Library

Created by Malcolm Cochran
It's been quite a while since I've been in the Cleveland Public library downtown and was really surprised to see this big bronze piggy bank.  I had to take a picture.  Then googled it to see why they had it.  Here is what I found:

Big Pig Bank, 1997 Bronze, electric clock 36" x 73" x 34" Malcolm Cochran created a bronze piggy bank located at the Cleveland Public Library, Louis Stokes Wing Auditorium. Originally, the piggy bank was placed in a window facing the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. Cochran stated "he was inspired by the piggy bank as a symbol of fiscal responsibility."
Oscar the Grouch
 I also checked out the puppet exhibit that is there.  It was very impressive with all sorts of puppets and marionettes from Punch & Judy to really tall ones and from other countries.  They even Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street in the trash can talking to people.  That was really funny! 

There was also a video running on puppetry techniques and a puppet theater set up with hand puppets available for people to play with.  When I was there during my lunch hour, I enjoyed watching a father and daughter having some fun putting on a little puppet show.  One guy actually sat down on the benches in front to watch them and two security guards were entertained by them as well. 

Libraries are a great place to go and they are free!  When was the last time you visited a library.  We usually go once a week.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Fake Neighborhood Delicatessen Meat Market in Parma

One day when out walking, my husband discovered a little neighborhood delicatessen store on West 54th Street in Parma, Ohio.  But wait, then he read the sign in the window.

Aw, a bit disappointing.  He says "only in Parma."  Anyone else have a fake store in your neighborhood?

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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Look What We Found At The Park Today

As we were walking through Veterans Memorial Park today, we found a bunch of helium-filled balloons at the trash can and rescued them.  We stopped to sit on one of the benches and Gerard looked like a little kid holding the balloons with his feet not even able to reach the ground.  I love his big smile too! 

When I first saw the balloons, my first thought was to use them for my Sunday School class, but then noticed they were filled with helium so they wouldn't work for our volleyball review game.  Then I figured I would give them to some little kid we saw on our way home, but we didn't see any.  The youngest we passed was around 13 and on a bike.

So . . .  I decided to let them fly away.  It reminded me of our wedding day when we released balloons after the reception.
Off they go!  It was quite breezy so didn't take long for them to disappear into the clouds.

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

75th D-Day Anniversary and June 6 Firmwide Jeans Day

Today, Thursday, June 6 commemorates the 75th anniversary of the D-day landings and the Battle of Normandy. 75 years ago, more than 156,000 American, British and Canadian forces came together as allies to liberate Western Europe from Nazi Germany’s control. This year’s anniversary is a great reminder of our resolve and determination and the sacrifice that so many have made for our freedom. That freedom is so easy to take for granted, but is so important to everything we do and certainly has come at a great cost. 

To honor and celebrate this anniversary, we all could wear jeans to work today and provided breakfast for us! Also, in recognition of our veterans, we were asked to consider making a contribution of up to $5 to help sponsor honor flights for veterans by supporting the Honor Flight Network. This national network is dedicated to transporting America’s veterans to Washington, D.C. to honor their service and sacrifice for our country. Since its inception in 2005, the Honor Flight Network has transported more than 200,000 veterans to D.C and currently has a national waiting list topping 38,000.

The firm I work for will match the donations raised from our jeans day and will also make an additional donation to the Honor Flight Network. This contribution will help many veterans visit Washington, D.C. to see their memorials.

Thanks again to all of our veterans and to all the veterans we count among our family and friends for what you have done to protect and preserve the freedom of this nation.

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Saturday, June 1, 2019

I Should Have Brought My Camera!

I only recently have started blogging here again and when we went to Snow Road Park to walk through the woods, I thought about bringing alone my camera.  Unfortunately, I didn't.  When we saw this owl sitting on a tree so close to the trail, I really wished I had brought my camera along.  All I had was my little tracfone so I did the best I could with what I had (sorry for the poor quality).  My husband's phone takes better pictures than mine, but he is out of data time or whatever.

We enjoyed our walk and saw some friendly little dogs along the way too who let us pet them.  Oh well, lesson learned.  From now on I will be carrying along my digital camera wherever I go!

Have you ever wished you had your camera with you?

I'm joining Saturday Critters

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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Our Dog Crossed the Rainbow Bridge Last Monday - So Sad!

Dear Abby Dabs,

We are so sorry you dislocated your shoulder January of 2017 and that you were in pain for a couple years. You were so tough and stubborn and we just wanted to have as much time with you as possible. It was so hard to watch you not be able to enjoy so many of the things you used to be able to do. Yet, you were a trooper and still wanted to please us! When you finally reached the place where you could not longer get up or walk through the house even, we knew it was time to say goodbye. Tell Mr. Moe and Manny Boy we miss them too and say "hello" to them for us. We know they would be ready to greet you as you cross the Rainbow Bridge.

I came home from work early Monday and we spent the day remembering all the joy you brought us during the ten years we had you.  You were the best dog we could have ever had and are so grateful to God for bringing you into our lives.  We rode through State Rd. park on the way home from saying goodbye to you, then did the Snow Rd. walk even playing the crossing game in your honor and then we went to Fernhill park strolling down memory lane with happy thoughts of you.   We looked at all the pictures of you we had on the computer and our videos as well.  It was fun looking back over you life with us.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I love you both very much.  Dad, I love you most because of all the time you spent with me and always encouraging me to walk with you and giving me lots of treats--even when mom thought it was too much.  I especially loved our walk to Bartells every day for lots of years where I got treats from Beth and Linelle.  It was really fun doing double high five with Beth and then going on through the park and around Parma High School on the way home.  Thanks for all the porch time with you, too.  I especially liked seeing all my loose fur flying away when you brushed me out there!

When I was hurt, you always carried me around whenever necessary without one complaint.  You both gave me a happy life and a wonderful home!  I even liked Spunky Doodle and Manny Boy even though they were cats.   You even laid with me on the floor when I could not longer get up on the couch or my chair even when it was so uncomfortable for you.  You are a great dad--best I could ever have hoped for!

Mom, thank you for your great belly rubs and hip massages and for giving me the Metacam with breakfast every morning to help me cope with my arthritis.  Also, thanks for the radiation treatments you took me to for a while there when I was still going for walks.  It did help a lot.  I loved all the time you took with me teaching me those neat tricks too.  It was fun!   I know it was your idea to let me visit the nursing homes and I really liked that!  It was fun making friends with the residents and brightening their day.  I especially remember Marlene, Ginney, Apple and Olga because they always had treats for me!

Sorry I barked during the night in my last days, waking you up.  Thank you for bringing the water to me so I did not have to get up and walk over to the bowl.  I am so grateful you rescued me and I was able to live with you for so many years!  I will remember you always and watch over you.  I thought I was a goner when I was attacked by two dogs on our evening walk in Jan. of 2012, but your prayers and faith pulled me through.  I knew I just couldn't give up because there were more good times to have.  After all, I made a full recovery and count the 7 years I lived after that as bonus!  I lived to be 105 in dog years, not too bad!  Don't be heartbroken for too long--enjoy life as long as you can and make the most of every day!  Arf!  Arf!

Thanks to all our friends who sent us condolences and sympathy.  It is comforting and appreciated!

Check out Abby's videos on YouTube at:  Abby's Video Playlist

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Daisy The Curly Cat Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

Picture from Daisy's Blog
I was very sad  to see that one of our first blogger friends, Daisy, the Curly Cat, crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday afternoon.  Our hearts go out to your owner, Daisy.  The cat's blog was so fun to visit because it was funny.  We loved seeing the different outfits Daisy modeled for us and her thoughts on things.  Then when she got a brother, Harley, there was even more excitement. 

Although Daisy stopped blogging back in 2013, you can still visit the blog.  It is really my favorite blog ever!  Thanks so much for sharing your life with us.  Rest in peace, Daisy.  You are probably the most widely loved cat ever!  Here is the link: 

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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Art by Amber Kempthorn & Dana Oldfather -- Guess the Prices!

The paintings below are displayed in the lobby at Key Tower.  Some I like, some I don't, but they are all out of my price range.  I thought we could play a little game called guess the price! 

The first four are combinations of different processes done by Amber Kempthorn

#1 "Cuyahoga":  I kind of like this one.  I especially like the little lightening bugs.  My photo really does not do it justice.
#1--Cuyahoga (spray paint, pastel, charcoal & college, 44x30")
#2  "Lost, I Said":  I kind of like this one because of all the different things in it, especially the beaver and cat on the rocker!  I really don't get the pile up of cars though. 
#2--Lost, I Said (acrylic, charcoal, gouache & graphite on paper, 30x22")
#3 "Close to the Edge":  I like the butterflies in this one, but don't get why the scissors are at the bottom or why there seem to be two moons.  I like the colors in this though.
#3--Close to the Edge (acrylic, gouache, ink on paper 28 1/4x22")
#4 "Our Reach":  I don't get what they are reaching for in this, do you?  Anyone care to explain what this is to me?
#4--Our Reach (pastel, charcoal, gouache, collage, forgot to write the size of this one, but was about same as #1)
Do you have your price guesses in mind?  I'll give you little hint--they are all over $2,000!

Prices:  1--$3500; 2--$2600; 3--$2600; 4--$2900

Now for round 2:  The four paintings below were done by Dana Oldfather.  According to the artist's statement, these mirror a rushing world distorted by apprehension.  These paintings attest to inherent emotional conflict of parenting young children, and the fragility of comfort and happiness in America.

I certainly wouldn't buy any of these for even $5.00!  I think anyone could make any of these or similar to them very easily.  I just don't understand this type of art at all and really am surprised anyone would spend thousands of dollars for any of these.  What do you think of these?

#5-- Pinch Me (oil, acrylics on panel, 24x24")

#6--Clearing Primrose (oil, acrylic, ink, spray paint on linen, 48x60")
#7--Breaking Through (oil, ink, spray paint on linen, 30x30")
#8--Budding (oil, ink, spray paint on linen, 30x30")
In round two, one of these is priced at $7,000!  Can you guess which one?

The prices for Round 2 are:  5--$2400; 6--$7000; 7--$2500; 8--$2500

Paintings by these artists are displayed in the Bon Foey Gallery at 1710 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio.  You can also visit their website at 

Although these paintings are way out of my budget I do enjoy looking at different artwork.  I hope you enjoyed this post and would love to hear if you guessed any of the prices correctly or which paintings you prefer or do not care for in the comments.

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