Monday, October 13, 2008

Wonderful Weekend . . . Except For Football

We had a beautiful weekend and were able to spend some time outdoors. Saturday we enjoyed the zoo in the morning and played a set of tennis. Gerard just bought a new racquet a couple weeks ago but hadn't tried it out yet. I don't think it made any difference because I still won 6-1.

I had a great email Saturday morning from a fellow blogger who read my book (My Funny Dad, Harry) and wrote a very nice review. You can see it at his blog The Espenblog Times or My Funny Dad, Harry. It always makes my day when I hear about someone liking the book I wrote about my Dad.

I was also able to spend time on the computer getting caught up on my Entrecard drops from it being out of use for awhile and was able to get some draft posts written and my award post done. These awards are nice to get, but it takes a lot of time to pass them on.

Then came Sunday and we had a very good message on being completely surrendered to God by being a living sacrifice and willing to follow His leading. My Sunday School was good as always, but this group is hard to please when it comes finding a treat they all like. For birthdays, I bring in some kind of little treat for the class and if we make our attendance goal, I bring in a treat the following week. I brought Twinkies because one kid is allergic to anything chocolate which cuts out a lot of treats! Two out of the 7 don't like Twinkies so they chose Jolly Ranchers instead. Oh well, I'll continue looking for a treat they all like.

In the afternoon Gerard and I went walking at the park, enjoying the leaves that are beginning to change color and then settled in for football. I got knocked out early on my pool getting only two games right out of 5 but Gerard was doing good. He was 4 for 4 with just the New England game left to go. We both picked that one, feeling sure it would be a lock with the Patriots as the underdog getting 6 points, but no. I think it was really the Browns playing out there in Patriot uniforms--they were terrible. The QB was awful. They were on the 1 yard line with 4 downs and couldn't get any points! AAAARGH!


ruthinian said...

Oh Karen, I stayed up late last night to watch the Patriots and San Diego game... Patriots lost imagine 3-30. I was raging. Matt Cassel was sucked 3x and passed the ball to the wrong people. And with that 1 yard to the touch down he wasnt able to get it too. I know it's unfair for him but he has to do better than that because he is being compared with Tom Brady and the pressure is on him so he should do something about it so that he won't be blamed. Oh well, I dont really know much about football but I know what it looks like when a game sucks. Take care [I added you in my blogroll btw.]

Daisy said...

Oh, football. I almost cried yesterday because my Dolphins lost in the last 5 seconds of the game.

Karen and Gerard said...

Thanks for the comment and for adding us to your blogroll!

Yeah, that was a surprise! I had picked Houston but they didn't beat the point spread so that's another game I lost on. Sorry, I forgot you like the Dolphins. It's hard when your team loses like that, right at the end.

The Author said...

Your weekend sounded lovely and I so enjoyed your beautiful pictures!

BeadedTail said...

Aside from football, your weekend sounds perfect! Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures!

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