Thursday, October 23, 2008

12 Things I like About Blogs

When I started blogging in February of this year, I had absolutely no idea how to do it. I never even read a blog until then. I learned along the way, mostly by reading others blogs and asking questions. I found that people were very nice and willing to help.

I like blogs that are not filled with advertising. (Copy Write, Outdoor Recreation Activities)

I like the little slideshows on on the sidebars that some blogs have of their family or activities. (i.e., cat/dog blog, Life on a Southern Farm and Life is Good and Beautiful)

I like the guestbooks and so I put one on both of mine. (i.e., Life From A Cat's Perspective with Samantha & Mr. Tigger)

I like the blogs that had the trivia game for feeding animals so put that on both my blogs too. (i.e. Perfectly Parker)

I like the blogs that have a nice big picture at the top of something pretty or of their family or pets. (i.e., Our Homeschool Adventures, Crews Views, Cat on My Head)

Of course, I like blogs with pictures that go along with the posts. That's why I have a lot on mine. (i.e., New York Renovator, Daisy the Curly Cat")

I like little voting things but haven't had very good participation when I put them on my blog so probably won't. (i.e., Steadfast Steps)

I generally like shorter posts than long ones with some exceptions. If the writing is interesting, I will read a long post. (Red Pine Mountain and Live Life 365)

I like bloggers who are funny. (i.e.,Blogging More, Junk Drawer)

I like blogs that have interesting or helpful information. (i.e., Father Blogger, Lesson in Life)

I like blogs about family life, especially those from different states or countries. (i.e., Chica-pumuckl--Egyptian Kitties in Germany)

Finally, I like blogs that have the entrecard at the top or at least not too far down the page in plain sight. (i.e., Rainy Dazeee)


Daisy said...

I like those things about blogs, too. Before I started my blog, I was on Catster, and had so much fun meeting other cats. Then I found out that some of the cats had blogs, and I started my own. I never really even knew about blogging before! It sure is a fun learning process.

daisy - not the cat said...

thanks for the mention Karen. like you, i also like blogs with short and humor-filled posts, with lots of pictures and widgets at the top! hahaha


Mountain Woman said...

Karen, Thanks for mentioning my blog and thanks for sticking with me through my posts. I know they can be long sometimes.
I so enjoy your blog and the information about you and your quizzes and I thank you for sharing it all with us.

Tony said...

I like blogs of bloggers that comment on my site regularly. When I visit their site it feels like visiting a friend's home.

I've been away from the circuit for awhile as I fell pretty behind at work after my trip.

I hope all is well.


Mountain Woman said...

I dropped by again to say I love blogs with pictures too but I can't post too many because we are on a satellite internet connection and if I go over my upload or download quota, I get bounced back to dial up speed.
I can't watch the short video clips on people's blogs either for the same reason.
It's totally frustrating but it's part of living way out in the country.

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Mountain Woman: See, I knew there had to be an advantage or two to living in the city!

A Gracious Home said...

I'm knew at blogging and not very good at writing. I like how you put down what you like about blogs. I love personal pictures of people I'm getting to know. I still don't know how to do a lot but I keep chugging on. Doylene

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