Thursday, October 23, 2008

12 Things I like About Blogs

When I started blogging in February of this year, I had absolutely no idea how to do it. I never even read a blog until then. I learned along the way, mostly by reading others blogs and asking questions. I found that people were very nice and willing to help.

I like blogs that are not filled with advertising. (Copy Write, Outdoor Recreation Activities)

I like the little slideshows on on the sidebars that some blogs have of their family or activities. (i.e., cat/dog blog, Life on a Southern Farm and Life is Good and Beautiful)

I like the guestbooks and so I put one on both of mine. (i.e., Life From A Cat's Perspective with Samantha & Mr. Tigger)

I like the blogs that had the trivia game for feeding animals so put that on both my blogs too. (i.e. Perfectly Parker)

I like the blogs that have a nice big picture at the top of something pretty or of their family or pets. (i.e., Our Homeschool Adventures, Crews Views, Cat on My Head)

Of course, I like blogs with pictures that go along with the posts. That's why I have a lot on mine. (i.e., New York Renovator, Daisy the Curly Cat")

I like little voting things but haven't had very good participation when I put them on my blog so probably won't. (i.e., Steadfast Steps)

I generally like shorter posts than long ones with some exceptions. If the writing is interesting, I will read a long post. (Red Pine Mountain and Live Life 365)

I like bloggers who are funny. (i.e.,Blogging More, Junk Drawer)

I like blogs that have interesting or helpful information. (i.e., Father Blogger, Lesson in Life)

I like blogs about family life, especially those from different states or countries. (i.e., Chica-pumuckl--Egyptian Kitties in Germany)

Finally, I like blogs that have the entrecard at the top or at least not too far down the page in plain sight. (i.e., Rainy Dazeee)


Daisy said...

I like those things about blogs, too. Before I started my blog, I was on Catster, and had so much fun meeting other cats. Then I found out that some of the cats had blogs, and I started my own. I never really even knew about blogging before! It sure is a fun learning process.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the mention Karen. like you, i also like blogs with short and humor-filled posts, with lots of pictures and widgets at the top! hahaha


The Author said...

Karen, Thanks for mentioning my blog and thanks for sticking with me through my posts. I know they can be long sometimes.
I so enjoy your blog and the information about you and your quizzes and I thank you for sharing it all with us.

Tony said...

I like blogs of bloggers that comment on my site regularly. When I visit their site it feels like visiting a friend's home.

I've been away from the circuit for awhile as I fell pretty behind at work after my trip.

I hope all is well.


The Author said...

I dropped by again to say I love blogs with pictures too but I can't post too many because we are on a satellite internet connection and if I go over my upload or download quota, I get bounced back to dial up speed.
I can't watch the short video clips on people's blogs either for the same reason.
It's totally frustrating but it's part of living way out in the country.

Karen and Gerard said...

Mountain Woman: See, I knew there had to be an advantage or two to living in the city!

dtbrents said...

I'm knew at blogging and not very good at writing. I like how you put down what you like about blogs. I love personal pictures of people I'm getting to know. I still don't know how to do a lot but I keep chugging on. Doylene

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