Friday, October 17, 2008

Things I learned This Week--Part 6

A pretty little fish called Beta is very aggressive. They come in different colors and like to be alone. My boss has one in her office. It's a tiny blue one.

Launder bedding in cold water which gets rid of 90% of the dust mites droppings. Check out Stress or Bugs at Mommy's Little Corner.

From My Body Building Log I learned Getting at least 8 hours sleep is necessary for recovery to build up muscles or bulk up.

Patience is from two Greek words: (1) "hupomone": meaning patience in circumstances meaning to persevere, bear up under, endure and is inspired by hope such as Job had; and (2) "Makrothumia" meaning long suffering, forbearnace, self-restraint related to people and inspired by mercy. The fruit of the Spirit quality of patience is from the second word, relating to people. When we are filled with God's Spirit, he enables us to forgive others, show mercy to them as God as shown to us and thus be patient with them as God is patient. (To read more about patience, go to Zemeks Updates.

Back up my important files on a CD! First thing I'm going to do when I get my computer back IF there are any left on it.


Daisy said...

I think Beta fish are very pretty. I would like to have one for a pet some day. When I become more responsible.

Liz said...

i usually make backup copies of important files and i've also been told to back up my blog's database because a friend lost all the contents of her blog.

thanks for the link and for promoting my post :D

have a great weekend.

The Author said...

I had a beta fish when I was very young and I think they are beautiful.

I never knew about washing bedding in cold water. I've been using hot so I'm going to switch.

Tracey said...

I have a really pretty red Betta fish.

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