Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our October Top Reads: "Dewey" & "Between Sundays"

We read several really good books this month but our top ones are reviewed here. The Shack was a very close second. Gerard's favorite of the month was
Dewey, The Small Town Library Cat Who Touched The World by Vicki Myron and Bret Witter. I read and liked it too though so included my review on it as well as my favorite of the month, Between Sundays by Karen Kingsbury.

Gerard's Review: I give Dewey as many stars as in the sky to this book! This is one worth buying! My favorite book of the year!

Here are 4 things about this book:

1) You will LOVE this book.

2) You will not want to put it down.

3) You will cry a lot!

4) You will never forget it!

That being said, this is a wonderful book. I plan to get this book to have and read it again and again!! This book will touch you like it did me. What a special cat Dewey was and wonderful person Vicki is. Thanks for telling the story, Vicki. I wish I could have met Dewey and pet him!! Treasure and enjoy this book!!

Karen Says: Dewey is a good book. It's about the love between a lady and the cat she found in the library book drop box that she let live in the library. It was a very friendly, affectionate, energetic cat who became famous and who greeted the patrons and laid in their laps. It reminded me of my relationship with my cats and how special they are (although they very seldom lay in my lap). The end as he aged reminded me of our Moe cat. I think anyone who likes cats would enjoy reading this book.

Karen's Review: Between Sundays by Karen Kingsbury is Christian fiction about how God works in the lives of two NFL players, a low-income foster mom and her foster son. Each of them has their own issues which they turn over to God. I liked this book very much because it is about relationships and how God works in our lives. Although predictable, it is a fun and interesting read. I liked how it focused more on the private lives of the football players and their interaction with each other off the field, between Sundays. It pointed out some shortcomings of the foster care system and gives the website of where you can go to find out how you can help through the Guardian Scholars program.

I rate this book 4 stars instead of 5, just because of its predictability. Even though I knew the end early on, I enjoyed seeing how it all unfolded and looking through the discussion questions at the end.

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Today would be my mom's birthday and I can't help but think how happy she would be to know that I have become a reader! She was an avid reader and would constantly try to get me interested too, but I had my other activities to occupy my time. I wish I had started reading when she was still alive because it would have been nice to discuss the books with her. She even enjoyed reading as a child, but I think it was because it was an escape for her. She enjoyed romance and novels about other countries. When she didn't go out anymore, I would go to the library for her and try to find books she'd like. She'd read 3-4 novels a week! I'm not up to that yet.


Daisy said...

We really want to read "Dewey"! My Mommie reads a lot, and when she calls her mom, they like to discuss books sometimes. I wish you could have done that with your mom, too.

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