Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Try Out KIVA for Free!

This is the first person I loaned to through KIVA

That's right, KIVA is offering free trials this week! This is the site where you can loan people $25 increments to help them out. There are many from which to choose from all over the world. The cool thing is that when/if you get paid back, you can re-loan that same $25 again! It really feels good to know you are helping people and at the same time, in my future retirement years I'll still be able to give to help others through this just by re-loaning. Or, if I'm in dire straights, I'll have money coming back to me when I really need it.

Go now and try it out using my link here and I will get a KIVA t-shirt if 5 of you become lenders by August 13: let me know in the comments if you try this out.)

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Mountain Woman said...

Karen, I hope you get some participants. I've been with Kiva a few years and they are wonderful. So far despite tweeting, posting and putting it on FB as well as emailing people, I have no takers. I'm very discouraged and don't understand why people don't jump at this fabulous offer to make a difference. Tried to explain Kiva as well. Anyway, hope you have better luck than me. I am definitely frustrated and bummed out. Part of the reason I'm not going to be blogging as much. Anyway, thanks so much for always being an advocate for charities. said...

Yay for posting this! I have promoted and promoted this till I am blue in the face and so far only family has really joined in. I don't get why someone would not start it since they were GIVING away free initial loans!!! Hope you got someone to bite and join in on the fun!! Did you start your own team??? If you want to join ours just do a search for Team Chiles/Brown. We would LOVE to have you join us!!!

Ann in the UP said...

This sounds so worthwhile and can accomplish so much with such a small amount of money. I'm going to look for the info and join your team. Honest.

Mountain Woman said...

I made a comment on my own blog this morning about how disappointed I was in the response. Can't believe it, can't fathom it and it has upset me. To all of you who support Kiva, you are making such a difference in lives. God bless you all.

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