Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fun Show: "Take The Money And Run!" on ABC

I love watching the new show, "Take The Money And Run" on ABC Tuesday nights. I am taping this series! The premise of the show is to give two people a brief case full of $100,000 in which they have one hour to hide it. Then they are "arrested" and interrogated by real interrogators (Mary Stone and Paul Bishop) and two cops try to find it within 48 hours. If they find it, the cops get the money but if they can't find it, then the two people who hid it keep the money. The cops are given the cell phone record, use GPS tracking and any receipts for items bought.

The first week was two brothers who buried the brief case in a city park and made lots of phone calls to different people so the cops would waste time tracking the people they called. It would have worked, except the one brother caved in and told the interrogator where they hid the money because he couldn't stand being alone in the cell any longer and wanted out. What a goof!

The second episode was a married couple who simply called the wife's sister and had her call another guy (I think their brother) to let them hide the money in his house. He was okay with it and they parked six blocks away and ran to the house to hide the cash way up on top of some cabinet. Then they drove a lot and stopped at a gas station for something to drink. This couple did not crack and the cops had no idea where the money was. The interrogators were frustrated because they knew the couple was lying to them but didn't know what the truth was and had no clues for the cops.

I love this show! It's fun to guess who will win and see how both sides think.

Click this link: Take The Money And Run to see the full episodes. Tonight's episode will be two sisters in Miami hiding the money. You should watch!

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Karen said...

Sounds like a fun show! So, did the second couple win the money?

Karen and Gerard said...

Yes, the second couple won the money!

Ann in the UP said...

Your description of this show made me laugh out loud! That sounds like a hoot and I'll have to check it out sometime!

It sounds like the secret of winning is to spread misinformation--and leave as few clues as possible.

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